24 hours of 24 days

Chloe knepshield and Remy Waters are at eachothers end of the rope. seeking help to talk about what happened, they tell of a deep moving story about friendship, truelove, and acceptance. torn between the cutest boy or her best friend, chloe doesn't know who. but neither does Remy.


1. promises

Chloe and I had a game. a game where we would point out the hottest guy in sight and make things up about him. for years it would come naturally. but that was up until she met you-know-who.
"excuse me!" Chloe interrupted me. "youre the one who decided to get mad about it!"
I scoffed at her and rolled my eyes.
"youre pathetic if you let yourself think it was my fault you and I are fighting. bravo, chloe! you figured it out!" I snapped.
"Chloe! Remy! enough! I'm here to try to help you. if you choose to use your time up arguing, be my guest. its not my problem that you two are fighting. either you can communicate like civil people and talk about what happened, or you can leave. your choice." the therapist misty chance snapped in a passive way.
I crossed my arms and slouched back.
"Continue, remy." Misty smiled. I glanced at Chloe then took a deep breath."
"Well... let me start from the way beginning."


Sophomore year was supposed to be amazing. but that's not how it turned out.

I handed Chloe my book bag while I jammed myself into her itty-bitty car she bought for $400.00. not the best luxury when you have a rich father. She put my bag in the back and came out the driveway.
"Lindy Smith is having a back to school party tonight. ask your mom if you could go." Chloe smiled. she, in all honesty, was never a questioner. she was the demander while you were the supplier. that's just how she is.
"I don't know, Chloe. seems kind of sporadic with everything coming up. we have our entire
sophomore year planned down to the last minute." I said pointing at the calendar in my book bag."
"yes, you do,but, we could add a little fun. I mean, come on. you couldn't possibly have plans for tonight to spend until late." Chloe sighed. I crossed my arms.
"none of which you just said, made any sense. you completely screwed up that sentence." I said shaking my head.
"Remy. please! you know exactly what I'm trying to say." She begged. I gave her my sympathetic look and raised my eyebrows.
"Just one party?" I sighed.
"Yep! and I wont ask for anymore!" Chloe piped. I bit my lip and puffed out my cheeks.
"I suppose I could do that." I shrugged with a smile. Chloe squealed and wouldn't shut up about how much fun we'd have now that I'm going. for the whole car ride...

I opened my locker and was glad I was Chloe free for just a few moments. I grabbed my reading textbook and shut my locker tightly. I took a deep breath while swiftly spinning a 90 degree angle. I slammed my face directly into someone's binders and my head flew backwards. I let out a short scream and dropped my textbook to hold my face.
"Ow..." I whined. someone set their stuff down beside mine and held my elbow lightly.
"oh my god! are you okay? I am so sorry." the person said quickly and loudly. I leaned down to grab my textbook and finally let my eyes focus on the person in front of me.
It wasn't anybody I recognized, but he was called by the popular crowd huddling in the corner.
"I should get back to them. I'm very sorry about the bump in." He have me a sympathetic look and headed over.
Ya. Thanks for checking if im okay here. I mean... I could have a bloody nose!

I rubbed my face and picked up my textbook. Chloe came running up to me and booty bumped me making me drop my textbook once again.
I groaned and Chloe gave me a cross look.
"what crawled up your butt?" She laughed.
"rude people." I said glaring in the direction of the boy.
"jeez. Must have been bad with that look on your face." She snickered.
"haha so very funny." I huffed.
"awe. poor baby." Chloe placed my textbook in my hand and wrapped her arm around me.
"come on babes. we've got class."

4th period I took the seat I had sat in for all four years I've had Mr. Weeties. The boy came into the classroom with a both smile and a loud laugh as Edgar Breuer told him something funny.
Her locked eyes with me but I didn't want to look away. Luckily he did first. His cheeks turned a Rosy red and he faced the wall ahead, coming towards the seat next to mine.
"hi."he smiled politely.
"hi." I said biting my lip.
"I'm really sorry about this morning. I saw you and I really wanted too say hello but I ran into you instead." He admitted with a sheepish smile.
"already you apologized." I said holding my head high.
"I'm Ethan." He said continuing three conversation that I had hoped would've ended a few moments ago.
"Remy." I said facing the board.
"that's a really pretty name." He said smiling again.
"excuse me. But you're in my seat." Chloe snapped.
"my pardon." Ethan stood up.
"bye Remy." He finger waved me.
"yeah. Bye..."

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