s h a t t e r e d t h o u g h t s


1. P A I N | shattered thoughts


I’m lost. I don’t know what to do, and it’s terrifying.

I’m all alone, and now I know, that I have NOBODY.


Is there even a lonelier feeling than feeling alone? 


I feel so empty.

H o l e .

Isn’t it weird, how two so different things can sound exactly the same?

Hole and whole.


I don’t feel like doing anything I like anymore. 

All I do is staring up in the ceiling hoping the restlessness will go away.


The only thing that hasn't changed is them.

They’ll always be there like a solid rock.


They’re my drug.

The hours I’m with them, I’m in a different world.

                                                                                    A better one.

And the moment they leave, and I come back to the stone cold reality,

it hits me, like a rock hits a window.

Harsh and loud

without mercy. 



A n d    l i k e    t h e    s p l i n t e r i n g    p i e c e s    o f    g l a s s ,    I    f e e l    m y s e l f    s  h  a  t  t  e  r .

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