A Thousand Pieces of You

❝They say 'time heals,' but even now I know that's a lie. What people really mean is that eventually, you'll get used to the pain. You'll forget who you were without it; you'll forget what you looked like without your scars.❞ (Claudia Gray, "A Thousand Pieces of You")
Or, they say that a way to turn a werewolf back to their human form is for a loved one to approach them without fear (clothes in tow, of course), and wait for them to recognize you.


1. Chapter 1: Intro

They say that people when they die, become the paranormal, the supernatural, and fantasies. By the full moon is werewolves, drowned in the ocean is mermaids, in a fire is dragons, in the forest are ents; there is a large number of them that people buzz about, wondering about what they would die by and what they would become.

You never did. Wonder, that is, about death. You are not nearly morbid enough for that. You've entertained the idea, wondered how any of it possibly worked; if being reincarnated into any of the aforementioned three meant you had to die again to get to the true - and final - afterlife. 

It is because of your casual indifference to this unique system of death that you do not expect to die as young as you are. You are - were - only a few years past college, but when you die, you are not mourned. Your family takes the news that you were killed (on a full moon, no less, by one of those people hell-bent on proving the death system wrong) rather well; they do not bother with a funeral.

It is less accurate to say that you die by being killed than it is to say your murder was attempted, because in this case, you did not truly die - in the end, you were shot, and the next thing you knew, there was no bullet hole where your heart should have been and you were found, unconscious, in a pool of your own blood. You are dead, in a way. You have no heartbeat anymore. You are classified as dead. The full moon was your saving grace, and your family says as such. They are unperturbed by the fact that you are a werewolf now. 


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