My "friend" Darkness

My "friend" Darkness. You love me so much you stole my happiness, you loved me so much you stole my time, you loved me so much you stole myself. Now, I can talk back to you.


1. It is

Dear: My "friend" darkness

A heartbreak? An ex lover? A killer? Something that caused my fall?

Were you all three? My "friend" darkness, you are all

Something that destroyed my happiness, my memories, my freedom and me?

Something that made me cry for nothing, weep? My "friend" darkness, you are all three

"Why?" I ask, but you whispered, "Stop." Questioning if I'd ever see the sun again

You made the light at the end of the tunnel hard to see, my "friend" darkness, you tried to win

My "friend" darkness, do you have a name that you go by?

Or are you just the things that makes someone's happiness die?

My "friend" darkness, you surfaced less than one year again now

Will you answer my question, answer what, why, and how?

Why did you attach to me, and destroy everything I loved so much in those days

Tear me up, within the walls behind my eyes you bore yourself too deep in many ways

My "friend" darkness hates these new found times, because my "friend" is falling

Upon the morning sun, my hope is rising and I am being commanded to stand with calling

My "friend" darkness, our breakup is not a heartfelt goodbye, but a cheer today

As I wave goodbye to the doubts, fears, sadness, and send it all away

As we break up you still try and haunt but I push harder and watch as I 

As I start to see my hopes rise, and I start to see your walls cave in and cry

My "friend" darkness leaves me everyday, and no I do not cry or weep, I say goodbye

Because no longer do I stand hand in hand chained, I stand as me myself and I

So my "friend" darkness, and I defeat you daily, I am glad we are stopping this

Goodbye forever, sincerely a fighter, a defeater of my "friend" known as darkness

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