How I met Jeff the killer

I'm living alone in the city I don't have much friends. Well I don't have any and I don't talk to my parents so I'm pretty alone. Until one night I wake up feeling like I've been watched. As soon as I close my eyes he's sitting on top of me. A knife to my throat and he looks into my eyes. He scares me but he's kind cute. He speaks and says, "go to sleep."


4. where is he taking me?

    I get out of the shower and but some clothes, phone stuff. a knife, and my box of blades Jeff nearly found. I go outside lock the door and put the key threw the mail slot. Walking to the park in the dark isn't scary in my case. it feels nice out here. cool night air. its almost 8 o'clock. I see a tall slim figure siting on a bench beneath a light post.   

"okay Jeff, lead the way ill follow." I sigh and he stands up taking my arm. he pulls the sleeves up revealing all the cuts and scars there. I just smile and laugh hysterically.                    

"okay then. ill have to guess that you like the pain." 








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