How I met Jeff the killer

I'm living alone in the city I don't have much friends. Well I don't have any and I don't talk to my parents so I'm pretty alone. Until one night I wake up feeling like I've been watched. As soon as I close my eyes he's sitting on top of me. A knife to my throat and he looks into my eyes. He scares me but he's kind cute. He speaks and says, "go to sleep."


2. Wait is this real!?

 I awake in the morning. its a little chilly in here. I look at my clock. Its 2 am. 3 hours before I go off to work. I get up stretching and remembering what I thought was a dream last night. I look over and a horrified expression appears on my face, but is slowly disappears into a smile. I should take a picture with him sense he's here and real and just yes. I grab my phone and open the camera. I pose smiling with him asleep behind me. I snap the picture and set it as my wall paper. I go off to the kitchen and make some breakfast. not for me though. its of coarse for Jeff.

 I hear something fall off of something. I rush to my bedroom to find Jeff up and rummaging through my bedside drawer. Shit! I walk up to him and whack the back of his head with the spatula. He jumps and turns around.

 "Hay, what the hell was that for!?" I started to laugh and then I moved in front of the drawer he was rummaging threw. I closed it before replying.

"You were going threw my stuff Jeff!," I smell something burning," oh shit I was making breakfast!" I run into the kitchen and Jeff was following behind me... 





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