How I met Jeff the killer

I'm living alone in the city I don't have much friends. Well I don't have any and I don't talk to my parents so I'm pretty alone. Until one night I wake up feeling like I've been watched. As soon as I close my eyes he's sitting on top of me. A knife to my throat and he looks into my eyes. He scares me but he's kind cute. He speaks and says, "go to sleep."


3. His decision

 I quickly throw the burned eggs into the trash and try again. when I'm done with the eggs and toast I put it on a plate and give it to Jeff.

 "okay Jeff, eat up I must get ready for work." I head into my bedroom and find a long sleeve and black skinny jeans along with my converse. I quickly do my hair and put some black lipstick with black eyeshadow and eyeliner. Jeff walks into the room right after I'm done and I look over at him.

"wow that food was just as good as Slendy," he looks at me carefully," wow you look like you may go kill someone." I give him an isolated stare before walking past him.

"Jeff I don't kill for a living, unfortunately. I work at a super market full time." I look at the clock. 30 minutes till 5 am when I start. "okay Jeff I got to go. you can stay here if you want. just don't ruin my place or steal anything." he didn't say anything so I left out the door to work. ill show up a little early so that's good. well better than late. the manager hates me already for no reason and is starving to get me fired.

  Crossing this particular street is a little tricky only because the drivers here don't actually know how to drive well. I look both ways and start to cross it when I hear a car coming. I can tell they aren't gonna stop. Yet, yet I keep going. some how  I'm not hit and the person stops right as the light turns green. What the hell? I just mind my own bisness and show up a few minutes till 5.

                                                        *   *   *

  Later that evening I get home and notice my bedroom light is on. I set down my stuff and go on in there. I see a note on my bed. a grab it and began to read.

   ​Hay girly, meet me at the park near here. Have a bag packed. Don't and ill repeat DONT, forget anything that youll miss or still want.

​                                                   -Jeff

​ Well looks like he made up his mind. Apparently I "must" go with him. well guess ill get ready but first I am taking a shower.







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