Colors |J•D|

"When I first saw you thirteen years ago,I saw colors fly for the first time."


4. 3



For some reason Alex stopped talking to me when I left to go on tour with Tyler. I never knew why.

As I opened the door, Tyler's face got all happy.

"Where's my coffee?" Tyler asked.

"Oh um I spilled it all over her." I said while looking at Alex.

Alex was shocked for the fact the Tyler was in front of her, I'm assuming she was a fan of ours since she was listening to trees.

"Tyler can I talk to you for a second?" I asked.

Tyler nodded and we went into his room.

"That girl over there is Alex." I said. I had always talked about Alex. Sometimes Tyler would get tired of it.

"Ohhhh Jishwa nice job on spilling the coffee on her." Tyler chuckled.

"Well I didn't mean to spill it on her!" I said. I'm kinda glad I did though.

I used to be in deep love with Alex. She made me see everything differently.

Then I always convinced myself I was never good enough for her. So instead, I started going out with some girl.



"So how did Josh find you?" Jenna asked me.

"Well I was walking and listening to music and he bumped into me spilling coffee all over me."

I responded.

"C'mon I'll go get you a shirt to wear." Jenna said getting up.

"No you don't have to." I said.

"Don't worry about it, I don't mind." Jenna smiled and went to grab a shirt.

She came back and handed me a regular black shirt.

I thanked her and she lead me to the bathroom.

I took off my shirt. I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

"I was never good enough was I." I whispered to myself.

I brushed off my thoughts and put on the shirt Jenna let me borrow.

It was a good thing that the shirt had long sleeves. It covers all my scars.

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