Unspoken Love

Lex has been in love with her roommate Robinson since about the day she met him. Both are struggling to find a solid career after college and feel that they have only one another to rely on. Lex doesn't want to ruin this friendship by admitting her true feelings to Robinson, so she stays quiet, single, and hopelessly in love.
*Valentine's Day Competition*


3. Three:

I promise that I’m not a creepy person. Not usually, at least. But, I suppose, going to the supermarket that Robinson had been at to find whoever it was that he had been talking to yesterday, could be classified as creepy.

To be clear, I didn’t have any intentions of actually going to PopMart. I was on my way home from work, and I pass by there so often that I figured I could just stop in, look at the girls there, and pick out who it is that Robinson is possibly interested in. I really had completely passed the automatic doors that allow someone into the store before I thought to go in. I was completely passed them before I remembered seeing the PopMart logo at the top of the crumpled-up receipt in the garbage. And I caved. In a moment of weakness, I turned right around and went into the store.

So, now, I’m searching for something for Robinson and I to eat tonight, because I figure that I might as well be productive while also being a stalker. I pick up some spaghetti noodles and sauce. Deciding that we should have somewhat of an actual dinner tonight, I also grab a bag of salad.

Walking up to the register’s, I think that it will be nearly impossible to pick out who this girl is. Because we’re in a college town, a lot of people around our age work in places like these. It’s easier than I think, though, because I see Robinson standing in check-out number five with a pretty blonde girl. I approach them.

“I had to pretend that I wasn’t interested in you,” I hear him saying, and stop, basically at the end of the lane. Neither of them notice me. “My roommate is totally obsessed with me, and she’d have freaked out if she knew that I was talking to another girl.” Tears begin to form in my eyes, and my throat gets tight. Did he really just say that? My Robinson, did he just say that?

The blonde doesn’t look like she believes him. “Really?” Her voice is flat, almost monotonous, and she clearly thinks that he’s lying.

“Yeah, that’ why I came back to see you in person. I swear, she thinks that I’m going to take her to LA with me when I go. She’s never had any friends. It’s almost pitiful.”

The girl cocks her head to the side. “Why should I believe you?”

Robinson opens his mouth to respond to her, but before he can say anything, I blurt out, “You shouldn’t.”

Robinson jumps back, almost startled. “Lex,” he says, but the word, my name, just hangs in the air. He says it again, “Lex.” It’s quiet, and we stare at each other. His eyes are sad, and I feel the hot tears slowly falling down my face.

I look at the cashier instead- her nametag says Chelsea- and say, “Can you please ring me up for this?” I place the food on the conveyer and move toward the credit card machine, standing nearly next to Robinson.

“Lex,” he says a third time. I’m standing right in front of him, my breathing uneven, my face flushed, and I’m trying my hardest to keep the tears in. This time, he’s waiting for me to respond to him. Instead, I slide my card, take my receipt, and exit the building.

“Uh, Lex?” This time it’s Chelsea’s voice. I turn around. “You forgot your bag.”

I nod toward Robinson, and say, “He can take it.” He grabs the bag and starts to follow me, but as soon as I reach the sliding doors, I break into a run. I run the entire way to the apartment, where I lock myself into the shared bedroom that Robinson and I have. He pounds on the door, telling me to open it and listen to him. I don’t.

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