A Better Life

When Harry gets a package of books can he be able to change the future


1. Letter's from the future

Harry was doing the potions essay for professor Snape. Suddenly out of nowhere, a package fell on his head "OOW,what the" There was a letter it said, Dear Harry, this is a series of books that will (hopefully) change the future. What?!? Is this dark magic or something.

I know what you must be thinking is this some sort of black magic, No this is u from the future. I need you to go to the room of requirement (ask Dobby) and I need you to gather these following people, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Ronald Weasly, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, The. Weasley's, Nymphamdora Tonks, "Mad eye" Moody, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood

Yours truly


Harry went to get Dumbledore but when he got to the stone gargoyles he realized he didn't know the password. Just when he was about to guess all the candies he knew, a voice said," Mr. Potter what are u doing out past curfew?" I'm here to speak to professor Dumbledore- Ten points from Gryff- Is there a problem here professor Snape. Professor I got a letter from me in the future and he said I have to gather these people and take them to the room of requirement.

The next day every body met in the room of requirement. Most of the people were a bit confused why Sirius black was here. Every body take a seat and we will start reading. Ok who wants to go first. Professor Mcgonagall will be reading the first chapter........

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