The Game

12 kids, 12 levels, who will win?


3. Chapter 2

I woke up in a dark room chained to a pole. “Emma?” I said timidly. I looked around the room there appeared to be many more children in here, too. Six boys and six girls including me and Emma.
My eyes met a young boys and he smiled. It was strange he looked exactly like me but in a male version. He looked away quickly.
“Excuse me,” I said. “But who are you?”
“Apologies,” he said. “I should’ve introduced myself. I’m Gregory Goodman.”
“Alice Porter.” I curtly bowed my head. “And what is it we are doing here?”
“Don’t know yet.” He said worried. “But I hope we get out soon. In the meantime I might as well introduce you.” He looked over to the boys. “That’s Timothy, Ricky and Jack over in the right hand corner,” The boys nodded their heads to say hello, “and those are the twins, Hugo and Hugh.”
I looked at them shocked.
“What’s the matter?” said Gregory. “Never seen other people before? Not to worry I haven’t seen others before. You see I have the most terrible mother…”
“She never let you out and locked you in the basement and “forgot” to feed you sometimes.” I said, I heard this story before, it was mine.
“Yes, how did you know?” Gregory said, bewildered.
“My mother did the very same.” I looked him in the eyes. “It’s miraculous, how we look so similar and share the very same stories.”
He smiled. “It’s quite peculiar.”
We both laughed and said at the very same time. “You read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? And watched Miraculous Lady Bug.” We sat there laughing for a while.
“I never thought I would meet someone that shares so much with me,” I finally said.
“Neither did I,” he said. “Where do you come from?”
“Plano Texas. You?”
“Saxet Onalp.” He replied. “I never heard of Plano before, or Texas.”
“There’s no such thing as Saxet Onalp.” I said. “Unless…” I spelt Saxet Onalp backwards in my head. Plano Texas? How could it be? I shook my head of it.
A large man and woman of identical build burst into the room.
“We will untie you and ready you with armour and weapons.” The man said.
“This should make for an exciting game.” The woman added while rubbing her hands together.
“Who are you?” Gregory asked.
“We are the rulers of your worlds.” Said the man.
I looked at the man confused. “Worlds?”  
“Your two worlds are mirrors of each other, I will show you once you are ready for the games.” The woman said while untying me and a few of the other girls.
“But you can’t go home until the games are over.” The man said untying the boys.
We all stood up.
“Boys, you’re with me.” Said the man putting his right hand in the air.
The woman put the same hand up. “Girls, you’re with me.”
We filed out of the room single file.
We entered a room filled with armour and weapons of all sorts. I gaped at it all. Looking around me, so were all the other girls. Battle axes and swords lined the walls, an armour chest lay in the middle of the room on the floor. 
“Go find your names on the walls, there you will find your weapon and powers. When you are ready grab some armour out of the chest.” The woman strutted to the door, “I don’t want any fighting yet.”
“You there!” she pointed at a small girl. “Introduce her at once.” She nodded her head at me.
The small girl walked over her face boiling with anger. “No one tells me what to do!” but then she gave up. “You’re Alice Porter, right?”
I nodded.
“Heard of you before. You’re our team leader.”
“Leader?” came my soft reply.
“Yes leader, I’m Elena Salt.” She smiled.
“Nice to meet you, Elena.”
I wondered around the room talking to some of the other girls. There was this lovely girl called Samantha Bell. But these two twins, not unlike the boys, were really freakish. They talked in sync and seemed to share one mind. If the sentence was more than a couple of words, they would take it in turns. The older one, Luna, would start leaving Lucia to finish. I never thought I could make so many friends, even weird ones.

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