Beautiful lies

Ash has been a shy girl all her life in love with her best friend Luke. One problem he's popular, she's not. Will a sudden makeover make her be noticed instead of feeling invisible and will Luke finally fall for her?


2. Put in place

I blushed as me and Luke walked hand in hand to class, on time surprisingly. He never broke his hand from our clasp throughout the whole class and numerous glares were being flung my way. I felt my face burning throughout the entire class but so far all was good. That was, until I left the class. The moment I stepped outside I felt a stinging pain on my cheek from a slap from Whitney, "stay away from my man! Or you'll be sorry!" She screamed. I laughed. "That was a slap?" I said, "and he is not your man youre worthless go and sleep with any other boy in the school not as if you haven't done them all already" she slapped me again and I tackled her to the ground, punching her until I got through the plastic barrier and her nose bled.

I felt myself being dragged off by Luke. "Ash I told you, she's not worth your breath." He said, " she is nothing but a delusional WHORE anyway" he added loud enough for her to hear and winked at me. I blushed, "fighting for me are you? I don't mind that" he said, " in your dreams loverboy" I replied "just putting her in her place"

What happened next shocked me and still does. He pinned my arms above my head and softly kissed me. He broke away blushing."aw do j make you blush?" I asked. He grinned "no just putting you in your place". 

That boy drives me up the walls. I went home and fell asleep after an uneventful remainder of the day and dreamed about the kiss in the hallway, right in front of Whitney. Her words confused me though 'you'll be sorry'. Yeah right. I'll believe it when I see it.

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