Beautiful lies

Ash has been a shy girl all her life in love with her best friend Luke. One problem he's popular, she's not. Will a sudden makeover make her be noticed instead of feeling invisible and will Luke finally fall for her?


1. Changing

t. I changed everything for him. My image, my clothes, myself. Maybe now he'll see I'm not just a little girl who needs protection. A girl can dream. I find it upsetting I needed to change my appearance to attract people. A little bit of makeup and suddenly everyone's gawking. Its so shallow but I'm not gonna lie, the attention is nice.
We start back at school tommorow and I am SO not ready for it, well ready for Whitney. She has made my life a living hell ever since I came to this school nagging and nitpicking every little thing about me. It drives me insane. All she does is torment people, that's probably her only talent. Other than persuasion. She's good at that too. She managed to persuade everyone that I had an std for two weeks before I found out and Luke put a stop to it. He's always stood up for me and I love him for it. Pity he doesn't return that feeling.
*next day 7:30am*
I wake up reluctantly and go through my daily routine, makeup, hair ect. I finally decide on a coral crop top, denim shorts a lace kimono and a flower crown with a pair of white converse. Eh good enough.
I decide to walk into school with my head down in case Whitney's early which is highly unlikely but better safe than sorry. I feel everyone's eyes burning on me, gawping like a bunch of fish and its unusual. One of those people is Luke and he immediately approaches me and pulls me into a warm embrace. Its so warm and I feel my self blush then look down as we pull away. "Nervous are we?" He asks laughing, "not a chance loverboy" I reply and blow a kiss. "Cmon" he says carsessing my shoulder" I don't like all those guys looking at you like that"
" I know right they look as if they want to eat me" I joke
"I don't blame them" he replies "you look beautiful today ash"
I blush again. " damn I really need to get that under control" I say and facepalm, "did I just say that out loud?" I ask
"Yes" said Luke laughing. I giggle he always knows how to make me laugh. 
"Where were you all summer? I missed you" he says sincerely
I laugh "yeah right" I say and immediately regret it so I babble on about how my summer was and things that happened. Unfortunately the bell rings.
"Sorry bud that's my que" I say waving
He gently touches my wrist making sparks fly through my whole body.
"Were in the same class darling, did you forget?" He chuckles.
"I can't walk to class with you, if Whitney sees...." He interrupts me mid sentence.
"You being gawked at by every boy and girl in school? Your beautiful face? Face it Whitney's just a jealous fake and spoiled brat, she isn't worth your breath" he says. Well he's right, every school has their smartprice barbie and Whitney is ours. He holds my hand and kisses my cheek, "let's go to class before were late

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