Forever Love

The romantic love story, featuring rednecks, hunting, and beer; but with a bit of a southern twist.


2. Forever Love: Part Two

The two ventured on into the woods until they found Darrel's perfect hog hunting spot.  It was a family tradition to hunt in this very spot.  The same location Darrel's father, grandfather, and great grandfather had all used.  Darrel and Willa Jean settled down as they began to eat their cornbread and drink their sweet tea.

"Man this is the life," said Darrel.

"I love spendin' time out here with you," said Willa Jean back.

The two sat and waited, holding each other through the night.  All of a sudden, a noise sounded from deep within the woods.

"Shhh," said Darrel, "I hear something."

Darrel slowly looked into the distance, raised his rifle, and waited. It felt like a thousand years that they waited until suddenly, the rustle occurred again deep in the woods.

"I think somethin' is out there sugar," noted Willa.

"Maybe we should go check?" asked Darrel, "I think it may be a hog."

"Nah, I got it, deary," said Willa Jean, "You just relax here alright?'

"If ya say, babe," responded Darrel.

Willa Jean stood up and trotted off into the woods, to check on what was happening.  She pushed past the trees, leaves, shrubs, and bushes.  The further she went, the louder it got.  That noise.  Willa Jean stopped and waited.  The noise rustled again, and then again.  She looked past the large bush just ahead of her.  As Willa peaked between the bushes, she saw a large black object just ahead.  Thankfully, she had brought her hog call along with her.  Out of nowhere, the pig turned to her and started charging.

Darrel jumped up at the sound of his girl's scream.

"Willa!" Darrel shouted.

He immediately jumped up and ran in the direction of the noise.  Willa Jean screamed and ran back towards Darrel.

Darrel saw Willa running towards him off in the distance, and the large beast chasing closely behind her.  Darrel knew this was his only chance to save Willa Jean before she became the hog's midnight snack.

"Willa, get down!" Darrel shouted as he raised his rifle to take aim at the hog.

Out of nowhere, a gunshot rings from deep within the woods of Mississippi.  The animal drops dead in its tracks, and so does Willa Jean.  Darrel stood silently, as he took in what had just happened.  To his demise, Willa had not heard Darrel's words just before he took the shot, and the bullet went straight through Willa Jean, and into the hog.

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