Forever Love

The romantic love story, featuring rednecks, hunting, and beer; but with a bit of a southern twist.


3. Forever Love: Part Three

Darrel didn't know what to do.  He slowly fell to the ground and began to cry.  His one and only, his forever love, was motionless and silent on the soft Mississippi dirt.  Darrel held his poor Willa Jean as he cried.  He remembered all of the good times they had together, and how this was just simply another date of theirs.

As Darrel slowly got up, he packed up his gear and sweet tea.  He headed back to his truck, knowing he would have to let the sheriff know of the accident.  He headed back into town and to the local police department.  He gave them all the details, the weapon, and where they would find her body.

"I never knew it would end like this," Darrel told the sheriff.

"It's okay Darrel," the sheriff told him, "as humans, we aren't perfect, and accidents happen."

"Thanks," Darrel said.  The one thing that kept Darrel going was the friendliness of the folks that he had grown up with and come to know in Carthage, one being poor Willa Jean.  The case was ruled as an accident, and Darrel went back to his home, sad and lonely without his Willa Jean.

It had been a rough few months since the accident, as Darrel sat on his front porch drinking a can of Busch Light and watching the sun set.  He thought of her so often, and she had to go so young.  Darrel had decided to just lay low, not date, not hunt, and just relax.  He vowed never to hunt in that sacred family hunting spot ever again, in order to repay Willa Jean for the mistake he had made.

He left it at that.  Never again.  Never again. 

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