Forever Love

The romantic love story, featuring rednecks, hunting, and beer; but with a bit of a southern twist.


1. Forever Love: Part One

It was a nice and quiet night in the small city of Carthage, Mississippi.  Darrel was lying down on the couch, watching the most recent updates of the Dallas Cowboys and Ole Miss on ESPN.  There was a soft pinging noise as rain slowly started to fall onto the tin roof of his log cabin.  It had been a long day, and Darrel was tired.  His eyes gradually closed as he passed out on the couch.

The next morning Darrel woke up and walked to the front porch.  He stepped outside and took a large breath of the fresh southern air.  It was a bright, beautiful, and happy Saturday morning, as well as the day Darrel would take his beloved Willa Jean hog hunting for the first time.  She had never been before and had always wanted to go with Darrel, so the date was planned for tonight.

Darrel proceeded to the kitchen where he fixed himself a breakfast of bacon, biscuits, and gravy.  He sat happily at the table, eating and thinking about Willa Jean.  Just as he finished his breakfast, the phone started to ring.

"Hello there," said Darrel as he picked up the phone.

"Hey there Darrel!" replied Willa Jean in an enthusiastic voice.

"Ready for our date tonight?" she continued on.

"Of course," said Darrel, "I can't wait!"

"Aw how perfect," she said, "Pick me up at eight?"

"Sounds good," said Darrel, "See you then Willa."

"Bye now," said Willa Jean as Darrel hung up the phone.

Later that night, Darrel began to prepare for his lovely hunting date with Willa Jean.  He grabbed some cornbread and sweet tea from the fridge, he grabbed his hunting rifle, and put on his best jeans and camo shirt.  Once he was finally ready, he left the house in his Ford pickup truck to get his pride and joy.

He arrived at Willa Jean's house and honked the horn.

"Hey Willa!" he called.

"I'm coming," she called back as she came walking towards the truck.

They drove off down the long dirt road towards the woods to go hog hunting.  It was about a half an hour drive, but they finally reached their destination.  The couple climbed out of the truck, got their sweet tea, cornbread, and gear, then continued to walk into the forest.


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