Valentines is coming up in this story, a life between two people, but something is stopping them... It's a story of betrayal, and romance. The story of Kari and Jordan.


1. Hello There

I see her, standing in the corner of the room. Lonely, depressed. I walk up to her, she smiles at me and pulls me down onto the chair. We talked all night that night, we texted all day. I loved her. She is my everything. That was 13 years ago, and now I think it's time to ask her the first step of a relation ship. I didn't want to ask her in person, afraid she'd say no. I knew I would cry in front of her. I asked her to meet up at the local coffee shop, saying I had something important to tell her. I thought if we didn't meet up and she said yes, then I wouldn't have been satisfied with the moment. The next day, it was cold, and snowy. Instead we went to the woods to meet up, when I saw her again, she was the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined. She had long, straight brown hair, a nice sense of fashion, and most of all, her luscious, baby blue eyes. They stood out from all of the snow, right before my eyes. I was silent, but then asked the question. 'Will you be my girlfriend?' she answered with a delighted 'Yes! I've been waiting for you to ask that 13 years!' I was as happy as ever.


(Just letting you know, I'm in different time zones than most of you, so I post these in the mornings for you, but for me, you post in the middle of the night. This is why you do not see me post new chapters often,   plus school is in the way, and I don't own this laptop, so I have to wait to write, and then post. Please don't get mad, you now know why I haven't been on recently.)

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