Why Am I Here?

This girl wants to know if she is here for a reason and what it is because she is on the verge of killing herself. People tell her that she is beautiful, that she is not fat, etc.; however, she still feels fat even though she is only 100 pounds. She is always cutting herself and she wears long-sleeve shirts & her boyfriend worries about her.


8. Getting Better


Ok, so it has been 2 weeks since my date with Chris. We are back together, but there was a catch: I had to promise to self-harming. It's been a long, rocky road, but he's been there every step of the way to help me and I love him for that. I am actually feeling a lot better. I'm not anorexic anymore, but I'm not overweight. I'm not cutting, burning, suffocating, drowning, etc. I have made a lot of progress.

The past is my progress, but the future is where I where I want to be. Chris is so happy for me. He is so happy to see me happy and healthy. And I'm happy that he's happy.



Man, Abby looks so much better than she did. She is healthier, and her cuts are disappearing more. I love this progress. Soon she will have no cuts and she will be as happy as she was, but we have to take baby steps to get there. I miss the old Abby because she always wanted to do something, but now before she stopped cutting, she didn't want to do anything. She just wanted to lay in her room and cut herself and watch TV. But now, she is getting back to where she was before she started cutting.

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