Why Am I Here?

This girl wants to know if she is here for a reason and what it is because she is on the verge of killing herself. People tell her that she is beautiful, that she is not fat, etc.; however, she still feels fat even though she is only 100 pounds. She is always cutting herself and she wears long-sleeve shirts & her boyfriend worries about her.


2. Chris' Life Story

'Sup. My name is Chris and I am 15 years old and I have a girlfriend and her name is Abby. She is so pretty and I love her so much. I feel bad for her though because she is always depressed, even when she sees me and that is awful. She cuts so much and then she covers it up by wearing long-sleeves. I worry about her every day because I don't know if that day is going to be her funeral or not. It scares the fucking shit out of me and I just want to hold her in my arms everyday because I just don't want her to kill herself. I care about her so much and I don't want to let go of her just yet. She has a purpose to be here but she doesn't feel like she belongs here.


My life is great and fucked up at the same time. I am on the football team & that might give me a scholarship to a great college if I don't fuck up during a game. I have a girlfriend that I care about a lot, but she is always depressed and I do everything to try and make her feel better. I bring her gifts, I bring her food because she needs to eat because she is on the verge of being anorexic. I don't like it when she is anorexic because she is sick and the only thing I can do is bring her food but she doesn't want to eat it. She refuses to eat it and I bring her her favorite food. I can't stop thinking about what she is gonna do next, if she is gonna try to kill herself or if she is gonna let herself live.


My parents really like her except the fact that she is always depressed and trying to kill herself. Sometimes they think that she should be in a mental institution and that pisses me off because my girlfriend is not crazy, just depressed. My parents like the fact that I'm on the football team because they want me to get a scholarship to a great college. All parents should want that for their kids, but some parents don't give a fuck what their kids do with their life. My parents would probably kill me if I didn't go to college. I really hope that Abby wants to go to college, but if she doesn't, then that is her choice. My parents would say "That girl is fucking stupid for not going to college. I went to college and look at where I am now." My parents can be bitches sometimes. I love them though because they are my parents, but they can be total bitches sometimes.

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