Late nights

Marissa is a shy girl who doesn't get much attention by many guys. She used to it by now but when the new boy gets her number and starts texting her out of nowhere she is taken by surprise.


1. One...

      "Are you going to Jack's party tonight Marissa?" Nicole asked her pulling Marissa's earbuds out from her ears "Ummm... I'm not sure I don't think I should go I mean I have nothing to wear." Marissa said scratching her head, "Oh come on! It'll be fun plus we can go shopping after school today for outfits." Nicole gave her a friendly little shove "Fine." Marissa said smiling "So have you heard about the new guy?" Nicole said asking the whole lunch table "I heard he's really cute!" Marina gushed "Maybe, that's Marissa's future boyfriend!" Sarah said. Everybody laughed, Marissa smiled embarrassedly she grabs her backpack and waited for the bell to ring. All the students in the cafeteria stood up from their tables and head for their next classes. Marissa walked towards her next class "Excuse me?" she heard somebody say before feeling a light tap on her shoulder she turned around "Hi, I was wondering if you could help me find my next class?" A guy with green eyes and brown hair asked her "Ah, yeah let me see your schedule for a second," he nodded handing her his schedule "Umm... looks like you have the same class as me. I guess you can follow me but we gotta hurry up before the bell rings." Marissa said walking towards her math class "So what's your name hazel eyes?" He asked she laughed "Marissa," she asked him looking at him they made eye contact she looked down blushing "Daniel." He said. The bell rung as soon as they got into the classroom she took her seat he sat behind her  "Ah, Mr. Cunningham I guess you have already met Marissa," Mr. Nesbitt smiled at Marissa she smiled back and got her notebooks out of her backpack."Daniel, can you meet me after class to talk about this class?" Daniel nodded. Marissa thought the class seemed to pass by more quickly today maybe it was the fact that she liked the new guy. He was tall and well built, He probably worked out after school she smiled at the thought of it. "The bell rang in case you didn't hear it," Daniel said smiling handing her a small piece of paper she looked at him confused "My number in case you want to text me anytime." He said going up to Mr.Nesbitt's desk he smiled at her she looked down and headed to her AP Spanish class. All she could think about him she knew it was stupid to be thinking about him because she didn't even know the guy but she couldn't help it. Her phone buzzed in her pocket 1 new message her phone read she opened her phone and read the message it was from Nicole Are you staying after school today??? -N She began to type before getting caught be Ms.Solento "Senorita Larson can you tell me what is more important than my class?" She looked at her embarrassed "I was texting my mom she wanted to know if I was gonna stay after school today or not, I'm sorry Ms. Solento." She said handing her phone "Keep it but next time I do not want to see it out." The last bell rung and everyone was rushing to get home she waited for Nicole. She saw Daniel he was on his phone she stared at him he looked up at her and waved he was coming towards her "Hey you aren't you gonna go home?" he asked her "No I have to stay after school and I waiting for my friend to say goodbye..." she said looking at the almost empty hallway leading to the doors outside "I think she might have left without you." He said looking around "What are you still doing here are you staying after school too?" She asked looking at his beautiful eyes "Yeah my mom works late so I thought why not walk around the halls and get to know where all my classes for tomorrow are located, Where are you supposed to be?" He asked, "Oh God I'm supposed to meet up with my club!" She said walking away "Well text me okay?" He said walking towards the chemistry hallway "I will." she whispered to herself. When she got home her dad was home cooking his famous Lasagna "Hey kiddo what's up" He said smiling at her "Nothing much just teenager stuff" She said laughing at how mature she sounded "What's funny?" Her dad asked taking the salsa "Dad can I go to the diner?" She asked ignoring his question "Yeah go ahead but don't eat there I'm making everyone's favorite Lasagna!" He said, "Bye dad!" She said heading out the door. She sat at her favorite booth sipping on coffee all she could think of was Daniel and his dreamy skin and soft hair she just wanted to kiss his lips. She took out her phone from her pocket and the small piece of paper he gave her she typed the number in her phone and started to text him Meet me at the Blossom Dinner now - Marissa.

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