Eve is a girl who ran from her past and started again in a small town called breksville. She moves on to a new school, new friends and new boyfriend but what will happen when her past catches up with her. Will she be safe? Can she protect those close to her from their cruel fate?


3. Waking up

My eyes slowly open as I feel the pounding in my head, did I get drunk? I don't remember anything. I drag myself from the floor and climb upstairs to take a shower and that's when I see it, the deep hole in my leg. The deep j shaped hole.

Suddenly I remember everything and fear and curiosity hits me. How did he find me? Why would he do this? Where did the old j go? I remember being in a small room, quite sketchy looking and as I remember what happens next I feel the knife twisting again as if he's actually still doing it. My phone beeps and I see 2 new messages.

'Did you enjoy my little painting my love?'

'You should have tried a new sim ;) you're welcome for the hint and for the fun I had with you when you were unconcious'

As I read those messages I felt disgusting and violated but I knew he would never go away. I could never tell anyone or he could hurt them too but I need to let that go right now because I have school. I am so dead for not coming in yesterday but I'm just relieved I'm not dead at all.

I go through my usual routine and hop in my car to find a note, it read;

I'm sorry my love, I did not mean it. Come back to me and I swear everything will be okay. The bumps on your car are gone. If you change your mind about running call me.

I know its stupid, but for a minute I actually considered it. I do still love him with all my heart and this is not him, he is not the boy I am in love with. I love the boy who had the beauty under the madness, who was polite and kind and well mannered, who would never even think to touch a woman in such ways as he did. I've been thinking all this way I didn't even realise I was at the school.

I rolled up my window only to be greeted by the grin of Ben, my boyfriend. He's sweet, caring and kind but in the back of my mind I know he's not j no matter how much I love him. He doesn't know. No surprise there. He doesn't deserve that stress. He doesn't deserve to be in the situation where him knowing could get him hurt, maybe even killed. I grin, which is a rarity. Ben is the only one who has been able to make me happy since that night. He accepts I'm not ready for anything physical unlike j was.

I twist the ring on my finger and the pain comes again, only this time not in my leg, in my heart I feel so much guilt for betraying j. I promised I would be his forever. I try to shake my self out of it and i am brought back to reality by the warmth of Bens kiss, the fire begins again speeding from my stomach to my heart.

Ben- "why were you not here yesterday?"

Eve- "I was er ill"

Ben- "I know when your lying eve you know I hate this" he sighs and delves his head in his hands. This is when I decide I'm going to tell him tonight. I know it puts him in danger but I can't bear to see him so hurt.

Eve- "there's something I've never told you"

Ben- "well what is it?"

Eve- " I'll tell you tonight, OK?"

Ben- "yeah" he grins happy to be trusted but I see the fear in his eyes of what I'm hiding.

The rest of the day was uneventful so I wait for Ben to come by and doze off only to see distant memories of the happy times that are now nothing but bittersweet lies.


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