Eve is a girl who ran from her past and started again in a small town called breksville. She moves on to a new school, new friends and new boyfriend but what will happen when her past catches up with her. Will she be safe? Can she protect those close to her from their cruel fate?


2. Letting go

After last night I look terrible. Tear stained cheeks, matted hair and crusty makeup. I quickly take a shower to freshen up. While I'm in there I have yet another flashback. "I love you Eve" he said before going down on one knee. "This is my promise ring, so you will be mine forever." This I used to see as one of the most important times of my life but now it just seems like the beginning of a horror story. 

I thought I could wash off his touch but that will never happen. I pull my hood over my head and I slip on some leggings, hopping into my converse and walk out of the door. Its raining outside and my car is down the street. I quickly run into my car and fasten my seatbelt before I speed off to school. Now that I remember this was one of the stupidest mistakes of my life.

*past tense*

All I heard was the screeching of breaks before a beam of light blinded me. When I woke up I was in a small room, its strange that I actually thought it was a hospital. I remember looking down to see I was only in my underwear and feeling the cold hit my skin. I lifted my hands to see ropes and blood before I heard the voice I tried so hard to run away from.

"Hello eve, my love. Why did you leave? Did you really think you could escape me?"

I saw a faint shadow before a gag was forced into my mouth and a knife was twisted into my leg. I screamed and the knife dug deeper. Then I felt something hard hit the back of my head and all I saw was black.

The last thing I heard was

"You should have obeyed me. I was your J remember? This ring means forever. Goodbye for now my love but I will always be watching. I'll be back"

All I could think was sick. How did he become such a sick and twisted creature?

My body fell limp after yet another hit on the back of my head. Fear overtook me and my dreams.

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