Eve is a girl who ran from her past and started again in a small town called breksville. She moves on to a new school, new friends and new boyfriend but what will happen when her past catches up with her. Will she be safe? Can she protect those close to her from their cruel fate?


1. Haunting

It haunts me. The memory of my life being controlled by hundreds of strings, I felt like a puppet. But I'm free and it all feels surreal to me. I can't help but wonder if he will come find me, I shake off the feeling. I can't get rid of the memories, every blink, every daydream, he comes back. Each memory and flashback more terrorizing than the last.

I look down at my thigh where a heart shaped scar with a small J lies. Its impossible to cover and equally impossible to explain. My eyes close, taking me back to that day. I can still feel the cold air on my skin and the warmth on my lips when he kissed me. Now all I have is the disgusting taste of bittersweet heartbreak. I still wonder what happened to that sweet side of him, and where the monster had been hiding. Although I wonder if it was there all along. 

My thigh is not the only scar. There is a large J on my back too. Paired along with the mental and emotional scars he left me with. A tear rolls down my cheek, if he done this why do I still love him? I shake the thought away. He was a monster, he'll never change. But I can't help but feel this was all my fault, it's sad that I wish he could come back to me the loving guy he was before all this mess.

After that day I packed and left. Without my parents, family, friends. It was better they didn't know so he couldn't find me again. Although some part of me wants to run back and beg for his forgiveness. My family don't know what he did to me, nor do my friends. I couldn't tell them, I was too scared. I can't even find the words for the heartbreak I felt afterwards and the disgust. I was ashamed, I still am and I just couldn't face any of them again.

I miss my family, especially little Sasha, but its safer for her if I'm not there. He wouldn't try to get her that way. I still remember the tears in her eyes as she watched me leave that night. I felt terrible, like I was just tossed into a sea of hurt and despair. But I couldn't tell her, I didn't want her to worry. This wasn't her fault no matter what he said.

What happened that day will haunt me forever. Every time I close my eyes I see the cold and hollow seas of blue staring right at me. Every time anyone touches me I feel disgusted, remembering what he did and his lack of mercy and humanity as he done it. Welcome to my hell, I am eve and this is my story

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