Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


10. Chapter 9

Bridget's Point of View

I went to the shower stalls and took off my clothes.I stepped in the shower.

I was bathing when someone entered the shower room singing and took the stalk beside mine.

"Katrina,is that you?",I called out.

She's the only one who sings all the time.

"Oh lord,Bridget!I have something to tell you.",she yelled as the shower in the next stall was opened.

"Really?Why are you so happy?",I asked.

"This afternoon,I mistakenly bumped into Harry.His perfume is so so so sexy.I feel like getting in bed with him."

"Wow Katrina!Is that all?",I asked

"I mean,it's something so weird.I hate him so much but I don't know why,I find him attractive.",she said.

Who doesn't hate Harry Styles?

"Okay,that's great!",I said and dried myself with a towel.

I slipped into my dress and stilettos and went to Harry's room.

"I'm ready!",I said."Shall we leave?"

He took my hand and escorted me to his car.

"If you don't mind me asking,why are we going out?",I said when he was driving.

"I want to talk to you about something.",he smiled and said.

Lately I've been observing Harry is behaving very sweetly with me?Why so?Does he want something?

Like I thought,he brought me to the best restaurant in Los Angeles.The ambience was amazing.

The restaurant didn't have a roof.When you look up,you can see the clear sky.

The lights were dim and there were only about 15 tables in the restaurant.

Harry pulled a chair for me and pushed it in after I sat down.

"Good evening,sir.Good evening ma'am.What would you like to have?",asked the waiter.

"Bring me a bottle of Château Rouge.",said Harry.

"Harry,that wine is damn expensive.",I whispered after the waiter was gone.

"That's alright.I don't care.Now,down to business.After I saw your performance yesterday,I'm thinking of giving you an upgrade.How about you going from waitress to dancer?"

"What?You want me to be a dancer?",I exclaimed shocked.

"You are absolutely stunning.You and Pauline can lead the dance squad.And your pay will be $500.",he said.

"But Harry...."

"Fine,$650.",he said.

Is he planning on putting me on auction?

"Harry,the thing is not with my pay.Are you sure you want me to be dancer?"

"No wait,I changed my mind.I want you as my private secretary.",he said.

I just widened my eyes and stared at him."Private secretary?What will I do?"

"Do the kind of things I do.Boss around and give orders.",he said.

What does he think?Bossing around and giving orders is fun?I'm not going to burden someone just for my pleasure.I rather fulfil the orders given to me.

"What do you say,huh?"

"Harry honestly,I'm just not prepared."

"Don't worry,I'll be there to help you out."

"Okay,if you have finished speaking,I'd like to say something.I will try this 'private secretary' thing for a few days and see how it works.If not,I want to be just a waitress."

"How about dancer?",he said.

"Okay dancer."

Just then,the wine was brought.I was still reluctant to opening the bottle but Harry didn't listen and opened it.

"Have some wine.It's really good.",he said and poured some for me.

At the end of  this dinner,Harry and I had had about 3-4 glasses of wine.

"Let's go home now.",he said."I'll drop you home.

But as soon as I sat in the car,I myself have no clue whether I passed out or fell asleep......


The next morning when I woke up my world was turned to hell.

I don't know how but I ended up being naked in bed.Did Harry have sex with me?

I wrapped my naked body in the blanket and walked around my apartment.No sign of Harry and no sign that something had happened.

That's when I found his belt on my bureau.

So,he did have sex with me!You're so fucked up now,Harry.You're dead!

I dashed through the shower,got dressed and went to Club 24/7.

"We will need beer,wine....",I heard him placing the order for the alcohol.

"We need to talk.",I said and dashed through the office.

"But we are.....",said the alcohol shipper.

"Get out of the office now!",I yelled.

He looked at me for a minute and then walked out.

Slamming shut the door,I got back to Harry.

"What happened last night?",I said,folding my hands."I demand all the details."

"We had some amazing hardcore sex!",he said grinning.

The reply was infuriating.

"How dare you lay your hands on me?What the fuck were you thinking?And please,don't give me that bull shit that you were drunk and lost control."

"No babe,I was in my senses."

"Great!'Cause you are screwed now!I'm gonna get you arrested for putting your hands on a lady.You are gonna be so fucked up.",I said and began to leave the room to call the cops.

"Awww,what would happen if this video went viral on YouTube?",he said,stopping me in my tracks.

Video?What video?

I walked to him and he showed me a video.He had recorded the entire sex scene on his phone!

"Now,do as I say or the world will see this video."

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