Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


8. Chapter 7

Harry's Point of View

I stretched in bed the next morning.

"Wait,who the heck is she?",I said to myself as I stared at a girl in my bed.

"Oh yeah!I remember."

After driving away from Bridget's house,I went over and got myself a commercial sex worker.

"Come on!Hand me my pay .",she said as she woke up.

"How much?"

"450 bucks."

I pulled out the money and handed it to her.She put on her clothes and left my house.

Time to go to work.Bridget and I are going for dinner tonight.I'm going to play her tonight!

Bridget's Point of View

What should I wear?We are going for dinner tonight and Harry's going to choose some expensive restaurant.

I can't go there in my regular clothes and shoes.

I went to my wardrobe and scanned through it.

Found it!

I picked a small dress.It was blue and ending just a little below my thighs.

I put my stilettos and the dress in a bag and put it beside my purse.I shouldn't forget this.

Taking my shower,I left for work.


A customer walks in.

"Bridget go to her.",said Alicia."Assist her.

Alicia is my worst enemy.She always makes me work extra and at times I'm forced to do her chores.

Just then,the phone rang.

"Bridget,Harry's called you.",said Carmen who took the call.

"Oops look like I gotta go.Alicia,go help that customer.",I said smirking.

She looked angrily at me.

I went to Harry's office.

"Hi!!",he said when I entered.

"So??What's the deal?"

Before he could answer that question,my phone rang.

It said 'Unknown number '.Who could that be?

"Hello?.......Oh hi!!!.......uh uh.......uh uh ......great!I'll see you at 1:40."

Harry was staring at me during my entire conversation.It was Niall.

"You're going out?",he asked.

"I have a lunch date with a friend.He's such a cute guy!",I told him like I would tell Gigi.

Harry's Point of View

Wait,did she just say 'he'?

There's another man involved.Bridget is mine and mine only.I'll kill that asshole who is taking her out.

She said 1:40.I'm going to be ready.I WANT to see the guy.Who's this new macho involved?

Obviously he's not rich and sexy like me but she called him cute.I have to investigate this fucker.

Bridget's Point of View

"Harry?Harry?",I called out but he didn't reply.

"Harry!",I yelled.

He got attentive and looked at me.

"Sorry,I was daydreaming.",he said.

"So tell me,what was it that you called me for?",I said and placed my hands on my hips.

"I forgot.Sorry.I'll let you know when I remember."

"Okay then.I'm going down.",I said and began to leave.

"Hey by the way Bridget ,we'll leave by 7:00 tonight.",he said and places his legs on his desk.

"7:00?My shift ends at 7:30.I can't  leave early.If I do so,you'll cut my pay."

He walked towards me and places his hands on my waist.

"I promise,I won't.",he said and smiled.

He let go off me and I went back to work.


Harry's Point of View

It's 1:30.Where is that guy?

I sat at my window staring at the road.Some time later,a car came and stopped outside the bar.

Why does the car  look familiar?

I went downstairs to catch a glimpse of the guy when Bridget ran out and sat down in the car.

Just then,someone stopped me.

"Hi Harry.I'm Kathy.I've come where to seek a job.",she said.

I tried to push her away but the car door shut and it zoomed away.

"Are you listening to me?",she said and pulled me so that I can look her in the eye.

Now I'm pissed.

"Look what happened because of you,bitch.I lost someone.",I yelled.

"What the fuck?How dare you call me a bitch!Fuck off.I don't want to work for an intolerable asshole like you.Bugger off.",she yelled and walked away.

"Yeah yeah,shake that booty and walk right out.",I yelled back.

She showed me the middle finger on her way out.

Cursing her again,I stomped back to my office.

How do I find out who that guy is?

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