Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


6. Chapter 5

Bridget's Point of View

After leaving Harry's office,I went downstairs.I helped the visitors take their seats and then I went to assist on the stage.

I stood backstage and arranged the girls according to their entrance on stage.Out of the corner of my eye,I saw Harry taking his seat in the very back of the room.

So,he finally is here.

"Hey Pauline.I need you to do me a favour.",I told her before the programme began.

"Yeah sure tell me."

"When the girls finish dancing I need you to make an announcement saying there is a special performance by me.",I said.

"You're going to dance?",she asked me with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I haven't in years so I grabbed this opportunity but don't tell Harry.It's a surprise."

"Wow!I really want to see you dance.What song have you chosen?"

"TiO by Kanye West.(I'm so sorry to change the artist😁.)"

"Isn't that a dirty song?",she asked rolling her eyes.

"It's not that dirty.",I said laughing.

"Okay,I'll do it for you.All the best.I'd love to stay and chat but I need to make sure that everyone is ready.See you later.",she said and ran to the dancers.

"It is a dirty song that's going to cure Harry Styles.",I murmured to myself.

I was wearing a silk black kimono.Practically all parts of my body were visible from it.Under it,I was wearing a pair of short black shorts and a sports bra.

The music began and the girls began to dance.With just a few moves,I could see the amount of energy and enthusiasm Pauline and the dancers had put into this performance.They were moving their bodies in sync with the music.

It was absolutely flawless!Stunning,I must say!Now it's my turn!

I was waiting for everyone backstage.I congratulated them all.The crowd was cheering happily and clapping.

Just then,I heard the voice over the microphone.

"We now have a special guest who's going to dance this evening.Dance has been her passion since childhood and here she is to portrait it once again.I present to you Bridget Mendler.",said Pauline.

The crowd began the clap.The curtains were down.I went and sat down in the middle of the stage.The lights had been dimmed down.

The curtains rose and the music began.

The music continued.When the chorus began,I took off my kimono and flung it into the audience.

I waved my hips and hands.I put my hands on my waist and swung it to the music as I sang loudly.

I glanced at Harry once.He seemed to be getting rigid in his chair.Well,that's what is supposed to happen.

"Let's get naked and explore our inner secrets.",I continued to sing and dance.

Finally,when I was done I stood there in front of my audience.

For a second,they were so stunned.7-10 seconds later,the crowd regained their senses and they began to scream and shout.They grabbed the flowers from the little pots on the tables and there threw them on the stage.

People were yelling 'Once more!'

I noticed Harry in the back.Everyone was standing and clapping and yelling  while he was stuck to his chair.

I knew I blew past him.

Harry's Point of View

What the fuck!!!She is so amazing.That performance was sexy.Sexy!!!S-E-X-Y

Now my craving starts.I really want her.What do I do???

Bridget's Point of View

What the heck!!Harry is supposed to be congratulating me when he's walking back to his office.

The after-party began and all the guests went towards the buffet tables.

All my colleagues congratulated me.


"I'm so sorry.I wasn't seeing where I was going.",I said as I bumped into someone.

"That's okay.",he said.He was cute looking ;a blond fella.

Not to mention,hot looking guy!

"I saw your performance!It was amazing!!!",he said.

"Thanks you so much."

"Can I buy you a drink?,he asked.

"I'd love to.",I said and went away with him.

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