Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


33. Chapter 32

Bridget's Point of View

I walked out of his office and taking my bag and stuff,I stomped out the door.

I called a taxi and went to Starbucks.

"One hot chocolate please."

The guy at the counter kept staring at me when finally he said,"I know you.You're that girl from the internet."

What?What's he talking about?

"I'm sorry but I didn't get you.What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on.You know.How much will you charge for one night with me?",he asked,stoking my hand with one hand and placing the hot chocolate on the counter with the other.

"Don't you dare touch me!",I yelled.

"You let other men get into your pants and not me??I'm hot,I'm sexy.What more do you want?",he said.

"Shut the fuck up."I grabbed my money from his hands.Taking the hot chocolate,I threw it all over him.

"Learn how to talk to a woman.",I said,slapped him and walked out the door.

What was he talking about?What girl from the internet?

I immediately took a cab and went to Niall's house.I want to spend some time with him.

I opened the door and called out to him.There was no one.

I decided to check his room.Opening the door,I found Niall sitting on the carpet in the corner.His head was in his hands.

"Niall,is everything alright?Is something wrong?",I asked.

He looked up at me.His face was tear stained and his eyes were red.He has been crying.Why?

"Niall!!",I yelled and ran to him.I took him in my hands."What's wrong?Why are you crying?Did Harry do something?"

He just kept his tears flowing.I cuddled him and tried to comfort him.

"Niall,please tell me what happened?"

He kept crying and finally he opened up.

"Watch this.",he said,giving me his phone.

It was the same video that Harry had been taunting me with.It was up on YouTube.

"No,this can't happen.This is false.",I said dropping the phone upon the carpet .

I couldn't stand straight.My knees became weak and they lost the ability to hold my body up.I was trembling and vision got blurred.

And then,I passed out falling backwards on the ground.


When I came to,I was lying on Niall's bed.He was sitting beside me holding my hand and sobbing into it.

I rose out of bed.

"Are you alright?",came his shaky voice.

"Forget about me.Are you okay?"

"That video is online."

"How did you get that video?",I asked.

"My friend was browsing through YouTube when he saw this video trending.He immediately sent it to me.",he said.

I began to cry harder."Harry just ruined my life."

"Why did he do this?",asked Niall.

"He wanted to have sex with me but gave him a strong lecture saying no.When he refused he got aggressive and his hands rose to my breasts when I kicked him in the balls.I think that provoked all this."

"My friend who's a good hacker is on the way.He's promised me that he'll hack Harry's account and delete from video from YouTube.",said Niall,rubbing my back.

He calmed me while I did the same to him.

Soon the hacker was here.He immediately pulled out his laptop and began to access Harry's Google account.Within 10 minutes,he was in and was browsing Harry's YouTube.He had subscribed to various YouTube Pornographic channels.

What a disgusting man!A complete bag of shit!

I was relieved when the video was taken down from the internet.To be very exact,it got 29,368 views.I hope my near and dear ones are not part of the 29,000 people who viewed this video.

Niall and I thanked his friend and then he left.

I headed over to the bar and pulled out the vodka.We both needed it.I had about 5 vodka shots and he had about the same number.

I was on my sixth shot when the house door opened.Harry walked in.

"Bridget???What are you doing here?....Niall???You too?",he yelled.

None of us said a thing.

"So my guess was right.You two are doing something behind my back.",he bellowed.

"Harry,it's time you know that Bridget and I are dating.She's mine.",said Niall,standing up for me.

I saw Harry clench his wrists."You are my fucking younger brother.I gave you one chance to get into her pants and you blow past me by dating her?"

"I never got intimate with her because we have been dating since the past 4 months.Ever since,she joined our fucked up club.",yelled Niall.

I laughed internally at what Niall said while Harry lost control.

He pulled out a gun from the back of his pant and pointed it towards Niall!!!!!

"Niall,only one of us gets her and that's definitely not you.She was mine and will always be mine.Goodbye brother.",said Harry and laughed evilly.

"Hold it right there!",I said."Both you men stop fighting like kids.I'm gonna choose my man."

"Come on,Bridget.I know you'll go for him.You are only mine.",said Harry.

"What if I said that I'm gonna choose you,babe?",I said.

"What?!",yelled Niall and Harry together.

"Bridget,you can't do this to me.",said Niall."You can't cheat me.You're mine and that baby too."

"Baby?....What baby?",asked Harry.

"Ugh,he slept with me once and I got pregnant.",I said.

I went and hugged harry.

" you can't do that.",cried Niall.

"Oh shut up.Ever heard of a love affair?I just used you,Niall.Now get lost."

I held Harry closer and kissed him .
"Baby,give me the gun.Let's kill him before he goes to the cops.",I said.

Harry kissed me once agin and handed me the gun.

Taking it I walked in between both the men.

I armed the gun and pointed it to Niall."Good bye."

He kept staring and weeping.

"Good bye Harry.",I said and turned around swiftly.

A second later,I pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit Harry in the stomach.

Niall stood there shocked.

Blood began to pour out of his stomach and he crashed upon the ground.

"What the fuck did you do?",he cursed.I ignored him and went to Niall who stood there shocked.

"Bridget,you just shot Harry.He'll die.What did you do?",he said nervously.

"Whatever I did was for our own good.Now I need to make this look like a crime scene.Trust me we won't get caught.",I said.

Harry was struggling to live.

"You cheap bag of shit!This" and I shot him once again "This is for screwing up my life."

The whole setup was made to resemble a crime scene.And the investigation began.

A Few Days Later

I woke up one morning and having nothing to do I turned on the television.

The switched over to a news channel.

The headlines were
Harry Styles shot in home by unknown personnel,dies this morning in hospital!

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