Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


32. Chapter 31

Bridget's Point of View

We went straight to Zayn's house.

Gigi went to make coffee for all of us.I cuddled up in bed.Niall sat in a chair talking to me while Zayn changed his clothes in the other room.

Gigi brought the coffee and we all sat down to talk.06:17

"So,how was your vacation?",I asked,propping up in bed and taking a sip of the piping hot coffee.

"It was amazing but first tell me about you and Niall.Why didn't you tell me about you guys?",huffed Gigi.

Niall looked at me and I,at him.I sensed that he didn't want me to tell them the truth.

"Well.",I started."Niall and I have been dating since 7 months and we didn't think of  anything to be serious so I didn't tell you anything.He recently proposed to me so I'm telling you now as things are serious."
I ran my hands through my hair.

"That's amazing!An inconspicuous relationship!",exclaimed Zayn.

I took Niall's hand and pulled him toward me.He gave me a hug and I held onto him.

I didn't want to talk about my pregnancy right now.

Drinking the coffee,I tucked into bed."Zayn,I hope you don't mind if I sleep for a while here.I'm really tired."

"Sure,maybe Gigi can join you too.",he said.Hearing that,she immediately stripped down to her bra and undies and jumped into bed.

"Baby,I'm going home.Harry'll be waiting for me.I'll see you later.Love you.",said Niall and kissed me.

"Bye Peng boy.See you."
We chuckled and he left.Pulling the covers up to my bosom,I fell asleep.


I was awoken by sun streaming in on my face through the window.

Gigi was still asleep in bed.I got out and looked at the time.10:44

Zayn was relaxing by the pool."Hey Zayn,thanks a lot for letting me stay over.I gotta get to work so I'm gonna take off.I'll see you later."

"Bye Bridget,anytime.",he said and waved at me.

I took a cab home and hurried into the shower.I washed my hair and tied it into the towel.

I listened to some music while I got dressed.We had had a very relaxing and slow paced life back in Skopelos and now it was time to get back on track in speedy Los Angeles.

Applying a bit of lip gloss and serum in my hair,I ran out of the apartment.

"Taxi!",I called out.

"Club 24/7.",I said and got in.He drove off.


Quite a few friends at the club were happy to see me.

We talked for some and then we all got back to our respective jobs.

Niall called asking where I was.When I told him that I was at the club,he lost it.I explained to him that I won't let Harry touch me and if he'd do so,I'd kick his balls.

That calmed him down and I got back to my work.

I was attending to a customer when my phone rang.It was Harry.

"Hi Harry,what's up?"

"Where are you?"

"I'm at home.Why?",I lied.I wanted to keep away from him as much as possible.

"Baby,why lie to me.I'm currently looking at you."

I looked up at his office window and there he was,smirking at me.

"Come in my office,now."

"I'm bu....."

"I said now.Don't make me come down for you."

I had no other way.I went up to his office.

"Hi Harry."
He came close to me and wrapped his hands around my waist.I was wearing a short t-shirt and his hands were around my waist.

"Ahhhhhhhh,I missed your body.God!!!You're so fucking irresistible.",he said and began to hold me tighter.

I loosened his grip and moved away from him.

"What's wrong?You didn't like the way I hold you?Fine,I'll make it better."

"That's not the thing.Maybe I should have said this a long time ago but I fucking saying it now.I WANT TO STOP ALL THIS!I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!"

He stared at my face."That's something I won't let you do.You have given yourself completely to me."

What?!I have never done that.Regardless of doing that,I never thought nor did I even picture that in my wildest imagination.What is he talking about?

"Harry,I haven't done that.What bullshit?"

"You had sex with me.It's a sign that you've given yourself to me."


"I had sex with you?I had sex with you?! did it to me.I never wanted all this.Anyway,I've said what I wanted so I'm gonna pretend that this conversation didn't happen.I don't give a shit of what you say.I'm out of this intoxicated place.",I said and walked towards the door.

Harry ran up to me and wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me close to his body from behind.I tried to let go but his grip got tighter.

He's squeezing my stomach.My baby!What's he doing?

"You are not leaving this room until I fuck you.",he said and began sucking my neck.I could feel his erection.

"Harry please,let me go.",I said,almost in tears.

"No,I can't and I won't."

His hands rose up my chest and....

I've had enough and I'm about to do some thing I've never done before and I'm going to immensely enjoy it.

I turned around in his arms and held him close to me.

"Harry,do you want to get into my pants?"

"I'd love to but I thought someone was saying no a few seconds ago."

"I was but I want pain and pleasure.So,I figured out only you can help me with that!"

I held him close and without another warning I rose my knee and smacked him in his balls.

He yelled in pain and sat down clutching his manhood.

I laughed evilly."Asshole,like I said before,when a woman says no,listen to her or learn it the hard way.God!You're still naïve with women."

I took the ice pail in which his bottle of champagne was kept.I emptied the ice into his lap.

"If your balls still ache,you can strip down and apply ice.I'll tell the rest not to enter as you're having intimacy issues."

I continued laughing evilly and he said,"I....I'll get .....back"

"Ahh babe,calm your dick!",I laughed and showed him the middle finger as I walked out the door.

I slammed it behind me.

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