Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


31. Chapter 30

Bridget's Point of View

The next morning when I woke up,Niall was missing.I glared at the clock.

Where did he go at the break of dawn?Maybe he went for a wee.

10 minutes later,Niall wasn't back yet.I put on my robe and stepped out of the room.I turned on the light at the landing.It was still dark outside.

Grandma was sleeping at the dinner table.Her face was in the plate.Niall wasn't anywhere in the house.

Maybe he stepped out.But why?

Taking the keys,I set out.The streetlights lit the way down to the bay.

I walked down there.I felt scared passing the deserted streets but finally I saw someone swimming in the bay.

"Niall?",I called out.

The figure turned towards me.

"Is that you,Niall?",I called out again.

The figure got out of the water and walked towards me.It was him.

"Yes,it's me.",came his voice.I pulled him into a hug.

"Wanna swim with me?",he asked.

"I'd love to but I'm naked.I'm not wearing anything underneath this robe.

He opened the robe and held me by the stomach."Then it'll be more amazing.",he whispered.

"What if someone sees me?"

"Now,come on stop making excuses and get in the water with me.",he said and pulled the robe away from my body.

We swam together until sunrise.

I put on my robe and Niall walked home shirtless.All the girls and ladies were watching him.

I put my hand around him as we walked back home.

Grandma was up and she was preparing breakfast.It's a wonder she showered so quickly.

"πού ήσουν; Πήρα ανησυχούν όταν δεν είδες στο δωμάτιο.",she said.(Where were you?I got worried when I didn't see you two in the room.)

"γιαγιά, πήγαμε για μια βόλτα.",I said.(Grandma,we went for a walk.)

She understood the whole thing and went back to making breakfast.

I went and showered while Niall showered in the other bathroom.

We came downstairs 15 minutes later .

We've still got to pack.The flight to LA leaves at 4.

We hurried with breakfast and went upstairs to pack our bags.


Niall and I got to the airport on time.We went through the immigration process and security too and finally sat down in the lounge.

He has been feeling low ever since that boat left Skopelos.

"Niall,what's wrong?",I asked,rubbing his arms.

"I don't feel like leaving Greece.We've had so much fun and all the memories,especially Grandma Adonia."

He's so cute!

"Come here.",I said and pulled him close to me."We'll be back soon.I promise you but right now we've got to get home cause we've got to pick up Gigi and Zayn from the airport.I also have to resume work."

Our flight was supposed to reach the US at night and the happy couple was arriving the next morning.I'm so excited to tell them about Niall and me.

I can't tell them anything about Harry and me and what happened in the past 2 weeks.Zayn would get so pissed,he'd actually kill Harry.I don't want him going to jail for murder.

I was deeply thinking when Niall tapped my shoulder and told me it's time to board the aircraft.

I nervously stood in my place. I don't want to go back.I'm scared of Harry.I don't want him to harm me or my Niall.

Niall took my hand and I smiled carefully.

"I know what you're thinking.Don't worry,I won't let him touch you.I'll give up my life for you.",he said and spread his arms and cleared his throat!

"Are you gonna sing?",I asked.

"Now,listen to what I have to say."


He conveyed his message via his new song.The entire airport fell silent.It was like one of those scenes you see in romantic movies when the boyfriend sings a song and whole of Grand Central joins in,singing and dancing while the girl stands still trying to digest the entire situation.

It was the same for me except for the fact that no one joined Niall while he sang.

At the end,the crowd applauded for him.He took my hand and we boarded together.

'Αντίο Ελλάδα!'(Goodbye Greece!)


The Next Day

Back in the United States.When we came home to my apartment,we dumped the luggage in a corner and crashed upon the bed.

The alarm went off by 5am.

"Wake up,Niall.We gotta get to the airport."

He put on some clothes on and we set off.
The flight was expected to come in at 5:40.

I was feeling sleepy after all the jet lag so I turned on the radio.

Turns out,the song  playing was Niall and my favourite.


We rolled the windows down and sang at the top of our voices.A car passed us.The passengers looked at us weirdly.

Niall and laughed out loudly.

We parked the car at the airport and went to the arrival gate.In the distance,I saw Gigi and Zayn holding hands and walking out.

Gigi,noticing me came running.Zayn waved his hand in the air!

"Hi love birds!",I said and gave both of them a hug."I missed you dearly."

The two of them began to stare at Niall.

"Gigi,Zayn,this Niall Horan,my boyfriend."

"Niall,this is Gigi and Zayn,my best friends."

"Hi,Niall!Nice to meet you.",said Gigi and gave him a hug.


"Hi mate!",said Zayn,shaking hands.

"Come on,let's go home and we'll talk.",I said and we proceeded towards the car park.

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