Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


4. Chapter 3

Bridget's Point of View

"Good evening!",said Dr McCarly as soon as we entered the room.

Gigi got back on her bed and the doctor checked her arm.

Zayn was standing beside me.

"Hey Zayn,I hope you don't mind if I go home today.Can you please stay with Gigi for the night?",I whispered.

"Not at all.",he said.

"I have to report to work early tomorrow and the club is far from here.So,I'd like to go home today."

"That's alright,dear.Should I drop you home?",he asked.

"All done!I'll be back in the morning for the check up and you can discharge her by 10-10:30.",interrupted the doctor.

"Sure,doctor.Thank you so much.",I said.

"You will drop me home?That's so sweet of you.",I said,getting back to the conversation.

"It's become dark and I don't want you going home alone.",he said."Um Gigi,I'm going to drop Bridget home and I'll be back in sometime."

"You're going home?",she asked me.

I explained the entire situation to her and then she agreed.

"See you babe.",Zayn said and kissed Gigi.

The two of us went to the parking lot and got into the car.

"Hey Zayn,could you please stop for a sec near that new Chinese place near my apartment?I want to pack up dinner.",I said in the car.

When we got to the restaurant,he pulled the car over to the side."I'll be back.",I said and ran in.

In 10 minutes,I was back."Thanks a lot.",I said and climbed into the BMW.

I wish I had a car but expenses are so high.My rent for the apartment and then food,transportation,etc.

Just then,I felt a hand resting on my shoulder.

"We are home?",I asked?

"That's what I've been trying to tell you since the past 5 minutes.",he laughed and said."What happened?Pondering upon something?"

I didn't want to tell Zayn what I was thinking.The previous time,we were talking amongst our group of friends at lunch.I happened to mention that I was in need of a better phone.The next day,Zayn was at my apartment with the latest iPhone!!

"Nothing!I'm just tired.I was thinking about what I'll do when I get home.That's all.",I said,snapping back to reality.

"Okay.",he said.

I gave him a hug and wished him luck for his vacation.

I went up and didn't bother to change my clothes.Having my dinner,I went straight to sleep.


"Holy Shit!I'm late!!I'm late!!",I screamed as I ran into the shower.

It was 8:45.I should've been on my way.Fuck!I'm screwed !

I showered quickly and put on my clothes.

Grabbing my things,I ran out the door.

"Taxi!!!!",I yelled.

3 stopped in front of me.When you need them,not a single stops and today 3???

"Club 24/7.",I said hopping on."Step on the gas."

The taxi zoomed away.


The cab stopped right outside the club.I paid him the money and ran in.

All the dancers were practicing upon the stage.Others who had no work,were sitting in the audience and whiling away their time.

I went into the kitchen and began to make coffee.

"Hey.",came a voice."Nice to see you back."

It was Pauline,the dance trainer."Could I have a cup too?"

"Sure.",I said.

I tied my apron as the water was boiling.

I prepared the coffee and gave one mug to Pauline and I drank mine.She went back to the training program.

"Hey!I have to collect my pay for the previous month.",I said reminding myself.I drank all my coffee and walked over to my boss's office:-Harry Styles.

"Hi Harry,can I come in?",I said peeping from his door.

"Oh hi Bridget!Come on in.",he said,relaxing in his chair.

"I'm so sorry I haven't been able to come to work.My friend was in the hospital.",I said.

"Oh okay.",he said calmly."Do you have work with me?"

"I've come to collect my pay for the previous month."

"Pay?What pay?You haven't come to work.What do I pay you?",he said.

What's this guy taking about?

"Harry,you're mistaken.I worked for the first 2 weeks of the month.I didn't come in the last 2 weeks and I did give you my letter stating so."

"What letter?"I didn't get any letter.I mean,I did but I tore it up.It's too boring to read a letter.",he said stretching out in his chair.

Now I've had it.He didn't read my letter due to his laziness and he doesn't want to hand over my pay?What shit!

"Well,excuse me.You didn't read it isn't my fault.Hand over my $200.Now!",I yelled.

"Keep your voice down in my office.",he yelled back.

"What sort of an asshole are you?My friend was in the hospital.I had to be there.Don't you get it?",I protested.

"I don't care."

"Hand over my money now,Harry.Don't make me come behind that desk.",I threatened.

"Okay,you want it?I'll make you a deal.I want you to dance for me.",he said,smirking.

"What?!I'm not a dancer!I'm a waitress.",I said.

"I still don't care.Okay,here's the deal.Dance for tonight's program and I'll pay you double the money I owe you.$200 turns to $400.Deal?"

I thought of it for a minute.

I stuck my hand forward,"Deal."

"Alright!See you tonight!",he said,giving me an evil smirk.

"Try me!",I said and stormed out of his office.

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