Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


30. Chapter 29

Bridget's Point of View 
That Evening

Niall and I walked home tired as fuck.
"I'm going to take a shower.",I told him.

"Fine!I'll watch some telly."

I went upstairs and he crashed upon the couch.

Niall's Point of View

I was watching TV when I noticed that grandma Adonia was solely preparing the dinner.

I decided to help her."How can I help you,grandma?"

"Niall!Can you cut chicken?"


She handed me the meat and I cut little pieces while she was preparing a broth.

"You really like Bridget?",she suddenly asked.

"More than my life!",I replied.

"I sure you keep her happy.You are great man!"

"Thank you so much for saying that!"

"She had bad past.She also in need of love.She told me that she love you very much!"

"Yes,I'm aware of her past and she surely deserves love.I will really keep her happy."

She smiled and said,"I know you will.I trust you.You are different from other men."

We continued to cook the dish though I had no idea what we were cooking.I just kept following instructions as per given by grandma.

The end result was a soup like thingie that was meant to be eaten with rice.

Bridget came downstairs as soon as I laid the table.She was wearing some loose clothes and that seriously turned me on.I kept staring at her as she took her seat.

I sat down beside her."Looking hot,aren't I?",she said,winking.
I continued to drool.

"Babe,I know I'm sexy!",she said and served my some rice.

"Oh yeah?Watch what I do to you tonight.",I replied.She grinned.


After that amazing meal,we had a few glasses of wine until we felt intoxicated.

Grandma may have had way too much wine cause she fell asleep on the dining table itself.

I carried Bridget in my arms.

"Niall,what are you doing?Grandma may wake up.",she said.

"Nothing to worry about.She's gone to sleep and the night's calling us.",I said and carried her up the stairs.

Bridget's Point of View

Time for some mischief!I leapt away from Niall's arms and ran into the room,shutting the door behind me.

"Baby,open this door.Let me in.We gotta sleep together.",came his voice.

I laughed loudly.
"C'mon babe,don't make me sleep with grandma.Open up now!"

I began to change my clothes and sing.


Niall's Point of View

She began to sing.I gotta get into that room.I want her tonight.I went downstairs and outside.

The window to the room was open.I carefully climbed the drainage pipe and climbed in through the window.

There she was.Topless and singing Black Magic......dancing too.

Bridget's Point of View

"Take a sip of my magic portion,I'll make you fall in love....",I sang.

I don't know how but Niall appeared into the room but I suddenly heard him singing and pulled me towards him.He lifted me into his arms.


I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"You left me out and now as your punishment,you have to play me.",he said and threw me on the bed.

He climbed upon me and starting sucking my Adam's apple.I carefully felt him inside me.

I moaned and screamed I thought the neighbours would come to investigate.

Unbeknown to me,I had screamed very loudly in Niall's face.He almost fell over the bed.

"Is everything alright?Did I hurt you in any way?",he asked with concern on his face."Is there a reason why you blew my eardrums away?"

"I'm so sorry Niall but I screamed not began of pain but I'm so turned on right now.I just felt like yelling.Come on,back to business.Lay your hands on me.Give me all that you've got.",I said and pulled him on me.

He began to thrust while I held him tight and ran my hands through his hair.

"Aaagghhh!Give me more babe!",I moaned.

He picked up speed and the whole thing got intense!

I continued to run my hands through his hair and on his back too.Ah,that fair and soft skin!
I'm having an affair with Niall's body!

"Niall,give me smut!",I yelled!
What an amazing night!!

He soon began panting so I knew he's tired.He released into me and he laid down beside me.

Pulling me closer to him,he put his hand on my stomach.

"At the moment,it's Harry's child but one day it'll be mine,ours.",he said and kissed me.

That totally melted my heart.I can't wait for that day when Niall and I will have kids and raise them so well.

All I look forward to now is a peaceful happily ever after life.I've had enough of sorrows and curt comments.

"I feel so sad that this is our last night in Greece.",he said."I'll miss these memories and the nights and your sweet and loving grandmother."

"Don't worry,we can always continue this all in my apartment.....and talking about Grandma Adonia,we can meet her often."

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his chest.He kissed me back.

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