Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


29. Chapter 28

Bridget's Point of View

We walked right through the door while grandma was watching TV.

After all those snacks,dinner is going to be a slight taste of all the dishes on the table.

I entered the room and Niall was changing.I wrapped his hands around him from behind.He jumped a bit.I giggled.

"I love you so much!",he said and turned around to kiss me.

"Will you eat dinner?",I asked."I'm cooking!"

"Really?What are you making?"

"On Thursdays,grandma follows a strict vegetarian diet.So we'll eat Greek salad.",I said.

"I'd love to eat a light and a tasty salad.I'll be down in a few moments.",he said,putting on a t-shirt.

I went downstairs to cut the vegetables.I let grandma rest upon her couch and watch her TV serial.

I was tearing lettuce leaves when Niall came into the kitchen and held me by the waist.He rested his head on my shoulder.

While I tore the leaves,he laid them in the bowl and added the ranch.Finally,I added the feta cheese.

"Looks great,doesn't it?",I asked.
He licked his lips so I understood what he meant.

Niall laid the table while I brought out the bottle of wine.

"γιαγιά δείπνο είναι έτοιμο",I called out.(Grandma,supper is ready.)

She came and filled the glasses with wine.I glared at Niall,and he;at me.We smiled and smirked at each other;reminiscing that wild night.

I sat down beside him.I was wearing shorts and every now and then,he'd stroke my thighs.I couldn't help but moan.

I caught his hand and tickled him.Luckily,grandma Adonia wasn't watching all of this so maybe we could continue this.

I was eating when his hand rose behind my blouse and rose up my back.This guy really knows how to turn a woman on,especially me!

I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he was smiling widely.I was taking a sip of wine when he unclipped my bra.

I chocked on it."Baby,are you alright?",he asked,removing his hand and patting my back.

I angrily glared at him.He sheepishly smiled.

"Yes...I'm fine.",I said and gritted my teeth.

After the meal,we cleared the table and grandma went to bed.

I was changing in the room when hands wrapped around my bare stomach.

I pushed him against the wall."Niall,what were you thinking downstairs?"

"Come on,mavourneen.I know you enjoyed that.",he said and pulled me closer.

"What did you just call me?"

"It's the Irish word for darling.You...are my Irish Princess.",he said and kissed me.I could taste the alcohol on his lips.

I held him tighter as he continued to kiss me.

"Wanna make this serious?",I asked.

"I'd love to but Bridget,I'm really tired today.Really,really tired.How about tomorrow?",he said hugging me.

"Okay,fine.I'm tired too.Let's cuddle and go to sleep."

We cuddled up under the covers and fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning after breakfast,grandma said that she had some work so she set Niall and me to sit on the vegetable stall.

We were swatting flies when I noticed someone.

"Hey Niall,I'm just gonna go meet that lady there.If somebody arrives at the stall,just call out to me."

"As you say.",he smiled.

Niall's Point of View

Bridget went over to talk to somebody.I was checking my emails when a girl of  19 came to the stall.

"θα σας παρακαλούσα να μου δώσει τις πατάτες;",she blabbered something.(Could you please give me some potatoes?)

"I'm sorry,I don't understand what you're saying.........Bridget......Bridget.....!"

I called out but she couldn't hear me.

"That's okay,I speak English too.",said the Greek girl.

"Oh,cool!What do you want?"

"Forget what I want.Can I go out with you?",she asked.

I blankly stared at her face."Excuse me?I'm not on sale!"

She laughed,"You're funny and that what's I like.You're hot and that's what I love.Wanna come to my house?I'll give you whatever you want.....however you want."
She slowly reached for my hands.

"I'm sorry I already have a girlfriend."

"Don't worry,once you get under my skin,you'll forget about her."

I saw Bridget walking back to the stall.
"Niall,is everything fine?.........oh look who it is!Queen of Skopelos...oops sorry,Queen of Greece!Cleopatra!"

"Do you know her??",asked Niall.

"Yeah,she's my worst enemy,Cleopatra."

Cleopatra glared at me."How do you know him?"

I went and stood beside Niall."He is my boyfriend."I gave him a kiss too.

Cleopatra has always been a girl who wants anything.Once she desires something,she will want it under any circumstances.But no..NOT MY NIALL.HE'S ONLY MINE.

Niall put his arms around me and smiled widely at her.

"Fuck you both!",she said and began to walk away.

"Hey Cleopatra!!",I yelled."Why don't you stick my middle finger up your ass and rotate on it? "

"Whatever!",she said and walked away.
For the first time in life had I defeated that bitch!

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