Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


28. Chapter 27

Bridget's Point Of View 
The Next Day

I was sleeping when I felt a pair of cold arms wrap around my stomach.

My eyes fluttered open."Niall,what are you up to now?"

He held me tighter and pulled me near his naked body."Did you enjoy last night?"

"Ugh!Don't talk about last night.I've never been that wild.God!It was unimaginable....."

The previous night

After Niall climbed upon me,I began to moan.He really got aroused by that.We got really wild and were kissing aggressively.

I decided to play a trick on him.I pushed him away and tried to run so he can catch me but it failed miserably.

He caught me by the stomach and held me upon the bed."There's no escaping me tonight.I'm gonna give you the best night of your life,baby girl."

I only snickered and the rest was just hardcore pleasure.

Present time

We were reminiscing the memories of the previous night,when Niall put his head on my shoulder.

"It's so tragic,the way we met;in Harry's club.",I said.

"Look where it's brought us.We are truly,madly,deeply falling for each other.",he said.

I smiled at him and he asked,"What will we be doing today?"

"We will rent a motorboat and just laze around on it,probably fish.Don't forget this is a romantic vacation so we aren't going to do some silly tour of the place.It's just you and me and this bed.",I said and cuddled him.

"As you say babe."

I went to shower while Niall got things ready for the day.

I was lathering soap on my body when I felt hands on my body.

"Oh shit!Niall,you scared the hell out of me.",I yelled.

"Babe,you didn't lock the door.I wanted to come in.So,here I am.I turned on the shower and washed my body.

"Can I bathe you?",he asked,coming under the shower with me.

"Sure,and I'll bathe you.",I said.

While bathing,he slammed me against the wall and we made out.45 minutes later,we got dressed and headed down for breakfast.

Grandma kept staring and smiling at us.Does she know what happened last night?

I put the dishes in the kitchen and she followed me."αγαπητέ μου, τι συνέβη χθες το βράδυ;",she asked.(My dear,what happened last night?)

"εμείς ..... είχαμε διασκέδαση!",I answered,blushing.(We ....we had fun!)

"Θα χρησιμοποιηθεί για να είναι κακό με τον παππού σας πάρα πολύ Αχ, αυτές τις μέρες !!",she said,smiling.(I used to be naughty with your grandfather too.Oh,those days!!)

"Ω γιαγιά, δεν ήξερα κι εσείς ήταν όπως αυτό"(oh grandma,I didn't know you too were were like that)

"Ω αγάπη μου, ήμουν μια κούκλα τώρα πάει και να διασκεδάσουν με Niall"(oh darling,I was a doll now go and have fun with Niall)

I have her a hug and taking Niall's hand,we ran out the door.

We got to the port and I rented a yacht.Boarding it,we set sail.


I drove to boat to open ocean and anchored it.

Niall and I laid down on the deck.We cuddled in each other's arms under the warm sun.

It wasn't very hot as there was breeze.The boat carefully swayed from side to side.

He held me near his body and I wrapped my hands around him,with my head on his chest.

We remained silent for a few minutes;hearing the sound of other ships,the seagulls in the air and the serenity of the ocean.

"Niall,where would you like to get married?",I asked,breaking the ice.

"Um,I don't really know.Maybe some place where it's quiet and really nice.Definitely not a city.Why do you ask?"

"I was just thinking about our wedding.",I said,smiling.

He ruffled my hair and said,"I can't wait to get married to you.We'll be such a happy couple and make a hundred babies."

"Hundreds of babies?"

"I'm joking but don't you like our special nights?"

"I love them,I think we should continue the same when we get back to LA.I think all this Greek environment has turned me on.",I said.

"It's all very very Greek!",he said and chuckled.

We spent the afternoon on the boat and came back to the shore by evening.

"Want a snack?",I asked.He nodded.

I took him to this tiny café like thing.Well,I wouldn't exactly say café because they don't exist in Greece but yeah,a tiny restaurant is the best way to put it.

The food was delicious.For me,it was like going back to my childhood days when I used to eat Greek food.
This is what we ordered.It was Niall's first time trying Greek cuisine and he loved it.





Niall and I joyfully enjoyed the luscious and delectable food.He wanted to have some wine but I told him that Grandma Adonia had some ancient French wine.We could drink that.

Paying for the wonderful food,we held hands and walked home.

"What d'ya wanna do back home this evening?",asked Niall.

"What we do every night?",I said winking.

"Fine!Gotta prepare ourselves!",he said and kissed me.

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