Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


27. Chapter 26

Niall's Point of View

I carried Bridget in my arms and took her to the bedroom.We kept kissing on the way.Every now and then,she'd run her hands around my body which would induce a wonderful feeling.

She climbed upon the bed and signalled me to join her.I'm so turned on!We are going to have so much fun!

I took off my t-shirt and joined her......

Bridget's Point Of View 
The Next Morning

When I woke up,Niall had his arms around me.I put my hands around his body and laid my head on his chest,taking in the scent of his body.

"Hey baby.",he said,startling me.

"Oh god,Niall!Did I wake you up?"

"Nah.I was waiting for you to wake up.",he said,pulling the blanket to cover our naked top.

I kissed him and snuggled in his arms.
"Last night was amazing,right?"

"Hmmm.I enjoyed a lot.",he said,tickling me.

Just then,my phone rang interrupting our fun.

"Oh my god!!It's Harry.But why is he calling now?",I exclaimed.

"Isn't it night right now in the States?",asked Niall.

I nodded as I answered the call.

"Hello??Who is this?",I asked,acting to be sleepily.It was 1:30am in the US.
What's Harry doing awake so late?

"Hey babe.It's me."

"Harry,is that you?",I asked,continuing my drama.

"Yup,what are you doing?"

"Um,I got drunk on the minibar and I think I was sleeping.I wouldn't do anything else at 1:30."

"Are you missing me?Cause I am and I can't wait for you to return.Say,has your boyfriend come with you?"

"No,I'm not missing you and no my boyfriend isn't with me.Now,if you don't mind can I go to sleep?I have to go shopping tomorrow."

"Ok,baby.It was nice to hear your voice.Bye."

"Bye Harry.Good night.",I said and put the phone down on the table.

I felt Niall's hands travelling to my chest.

"Baby,what are you doing?",I asked laughing.He pulled me closer to his body.

"Agghh,Niall.",I moaned.He began to my sweet spot.He found it really quickly.The bed began to creak.
Last night too,the bed was creaking.I had a fear that Grandma would bust through the door to see what's all the racket about!Luckily,she didn't.

I kept moaning and ran my hands all over Niall's body."Yeah baby!!",he whispered as he continued to suck on my sweet spot.

Just then,there was a knock on the door.
"καλημέρα παιδιά μου το πρωινό είναι έτοιμο",cane grandma Andonia's voice.(Good morning my children.Breakfast is ready.)

"χάρη γιαγιά σας δούμε σύντομα",I answered.(Thanks grandma.See you soon)

We put on some clothes and went for breakfast.


After breakfast,we set out to discover the island.It was just a regular day for all the locals.My grandma was working at her vegetable shop.

Niall and I walked around the island.We went to the top of a cliff and spent some time there.We could see the whole of Skopelos and a few neighbouring islands.

There was a local shop that sold Greek cheese.I took Niall there and we ate different types of cheese.

Finally in the evening,we went wine tasting.We drank different types of wine and got drunk.

We walked home singing different songs and laughing.

"τι συνέβη σε εσάς τους δύο;",asked grandma,when she saw us at the door.(What happened to you two?)

"We got drunk!La la la!",I said singing and pulled Niall behind me.

We changed and came down for dinner.

We kept talking different things and probably grandma got fed up.She finished eating and went to turn on the television.

I stuck my legs upon the table.Niall threw a carrot at me.I threw a broccoli at him.Soon it turned into a food fight.

I threw a meatball but it went and grandma on the head.She turned around in her chair and stared at us and then began yelling,"τι είναι δύο έως ?? είστε παιδιά; Μέχρι το δωμάτιό σας τώρα!"(What are you two up to?Are you kids?Up to your room now!)

Laughing,Niall and I ran upstairs leaving granny to clean up the mess.

We dashed upstairs and locked the room door behind us.

I was still laughing as I threw myself into the bed.

I saw Niall begin to undress.I spread my arms and stretched out in bed.Niall climbed over me and held my hands.

"Let's get naughty!",he said.

"Ahhhhh!Try me babe!",I screamed.He began to kiss me.

"σιωπή!!πηγαίνετε για ύπνο τους δυο σας!",yelled grandmother.(Silence!Go to bed both of you.)

"Let's get naked and explore our inner secrets.",I sang and took off my dress.

He crawled over me and held me tight.

He began to suck on my Adam's Apple.I moaned out in pleasure.

"You like that?",he asked.

"Like??I fucking love it.C'mon Niall,bring it on!",I exclaimed.

His hands travelled all over my body and I pulled him over me.

I held him close to me.He continued sucking my Adam's Apple and I ran my fingers through his hair.I kept moaning.

"I love it when you moan.It turns me on.",he said.

"You know what turns me on?Looking at you,at any time.God Niall.You are irreplaceable and irresistible.",I said and he kissed me aggressively.

"Come on,babe.Let's start this!",he said."I can't wait."

"I want you to lay your hands on me.",I said."Let's get on with........"

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