Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


26. Chapter 25

Bridget's Point of View

We got off the plane and walked towards baggage claim.We collected the bags and Niall grew hungry again.

"Not again,babe.",I said."You can eat something once we get home."

"We haven't booked a hotel ,where are we going to stay?..........home?What do you mean by that?",he said as we walking out with the trolley.

"This is a surprise for you.My grandma lives in Skopelos.We'll be staying at her little Greek house.Interesting,isn't it?",I said almost jumping.

"I thought you left your family behind.What about granny?",he said squinting his eyes.

"Grandma Adonia is the only one who stayed by my side.She believes that we should pursue our dreams and not get pressurised by someone.She's the only one who'll welcome us with open hands.",I said and continued to walk out.

"So,where to now?",he said,catching up.

"We take a ferry to Skopelos;an hour's ride.",I said and went to the ticket window.Niall stayed with the bags.

In 2 minutes I was back with the tickets."C'mon,let's leave.Into that boat.",I said pointing.

"Bridget,can I say something?",he said,suddenly stopping me in my tracks."I get seasick."

He kept staring at the floor.

"Don't worry,I'll hold you close to me.",I said and hugged him.His face lit up.

We got into the boat and a bunch of locals piled in too.Soon the boat got full but people kept piling  in.Niall scooted close to me and I held him close to me.

A woman asked,"Μήπως ο τύπος θέλει λίγο χώρο για να καθίσει?"(Does the guy want some space to sit?)

I said,"όχι ευχαριστώ.παίρνει ναυτία."(No thanks.He gets seasick.)

Niall was staring at my face."You know Greek?",he questioned.

"It's one of the languages I speak.I used to spend my summers down here,so it was mandatory for me to learn Greek."

"What other languages do you speak?"

"I obviously speak English. I also speak Greek and Swiss French.",I said.

Niall hadn't realised that we were on our way.When he did,he grabbed onto me."Niall,calm down.Here take this,listen to music and I handed him my laptop.He put on his EarPods and began to listen to music.

I began to to talk to a few women beside me.They were curious how a foreign woman spoke Greek.They were also fascinated by the life in the States.

I was talking when Niall interrupted me."Why didn't you tell about this song?"

He had accessed my folder with the new songs and was listening to all of them."It was a surprise.",I said.


"Now that I heard one of your songs,I'm gonna sing you my latest one."

"Now?Among all these people?"

"Yes.",he said and began.


While he sang,the locals clapped and jived to it.I don't know if they understood anything but I laughed internally.

I cuddled him when he finished.All the locals were looking and smiling as well.

"τραγουδάει καλά .... πολύ καλά!",said the woman beside me.(he sings well....very well!)

"Θέλουμε να γίνουν τραγουδιστές.",I said.(We want to become singers.)

"Ο Θεός να σας ευλογεί και να σας πετύχει.",she said.(God bless you and may you succeed.)

I let Niall know that we had just been blessed and he was praised.We cuddled and waited for the boat to reach Skopelos.


30 minutes later,the boat docked.

"Hey!This island looks familar.I've seen it somewhere.",he said no sooner did we get off the boat.

"Of course, you've seen it.This is the same island on which the movie of Mamma Mia was shot on.This is Skopelos!!"

I said good bye to the lady I got chatty with on the boat."Which way is granny's house?",asked Niall.

"Up there.",I said,pointing to a hill.In Greece,houses are built on a hill.

"Do you want to walk up there or take a doney?",I asked.

"I want to hold your hand and walk with you.The donkeys can carry the luggage.",he said.

We held hands and began the climb.The donkeys proceeded ahead.35 minutes later,we reached my grandma's house.

I knocked at the door and the woman appeared.

She stared at me for a minute.

"γιαγιά, είναι μου Μπρίτζετ.",I said.(Grandma it's me,Bridget.)

She pulled me into a hug and began to cry and talk at the same time,"Αγαπητέ μου έχασα μπορείτε πολύ Είμαι σας δούμε μετά από ένα τόσο μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα."(My dear,I missed you so much!I'm seeing you after such a long time.)

"εσείς Γιαγιά i χάσατε",I said.(You too granny.I missed you.)

She looked at Niall and asked,"Ποιος είσαι εσύ; Δεν ξέρεις."(Who are you?I don't know you.)

I answered for him,"Γιαγιά αυτός είναι ο φίλος μου ο Niall δεν μιλάει ελληνικά"(Granny he's my boyfriend,Niall.He doesn't  speak Greek.)

"Hello Niall.My name Adonia.I Bridget's granny.",said Granny.

"Wow,you speak English.",exclaimed Niall.

Granny squeezed Niall cheeks and said,"You are .......χαριτωμένο και μαζεμένος και όμορφος."

"Bridget,what did she say?You are.....what?What am I?",he asked.

Poor guy!

"She called you cute,cuddly and handsome.",I explained.

Grandma Adonia hugged Niall again and then led us to our room.


That night,granny went to bed early.We had eaten a lovely dinner and Niall and I were strolling in the locality.

"Want to go swimming?We can spend some romantic time together.",I said.He loved the idea so we went back home to change.

We reached the bay in some time.It was legal to swim in the waters of Greece.

We continued to swim until we got tired.Niall took me in his arms."I'm so happy to be here right now.",he said

"Me too.",I said softly.

He pulled me closer to him.I began to hyperventilate.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking ?",he asked.I nodded.

I got even closer to him.I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Wanna go commando?",I whispered.There was nobody around.

My hands went to his quick-dries and I pulled them off.Even though it was dark,I felt that he was blushing and he went deeper into the water so I couldn't see his naked bottom part of the body.

His hands rose to the stings of the bikini and he pulled it.My top fell away.I pulled him closer to me and kissed him warmly.

"I'm so loving this.",I said.He wrapped his arms around me tighter and I just moaned.

"Oh Niall..."

I think that kicked off the next step.

"Wanna take this to the bedroom?",he asked nervously.

"I'd love to.",I said and we began to put on our clothes.

I was in for an amazing night with my hot and sexy boyfriend!

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