Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


25. Chapter 24

Bridget's Point of View

The alarm went off by 1:30am.I stretched out of bed and sleepily walked around the apartment.

"Niall,wake up.I'm going to shower.I want you to put the final stuff in the bags.",I said as I took my bra and towel in the bathroom.

I took my shower and stepped out to find Niall in bed;all cuddled up like a little bear.

I went over and patted his tiny butt.His eyes opened and he smiled at me."Wanna cuddle?",he asked.

"Yes but in Greece.I'm not missing this holiday at any cost.If you wanna join me,please proceed to the bathroom.We have a 5:15 flight to catch and they expect you to be at the airport at least 2 1/2 hours in advance.", I said and put on my jeans.

"Okay my lady.I'm going to shower.Is the cab on its way?",he said and took off his t-shirt.

"I told Victor that we would be leaving so the cab will be here by 2:30.C'mon babe,hurry.It's already 2.",I said applying perfume.

While Niall was showering,I made myself a cup of tea.I put my phone and laptop charger in the bag and zipped it up.I put my MacBook in its bag and put it beside my purse.I wanted to finish writing a song at the airport or in the plane.


The two of us were ready by 2:15am.Niall had tea too.He stared at me and I,at him.

"Do you think we'll be able to raise this baby?",I asked suddenly.

"Don't worry,Bridget.God brought us together for a reason.It was destiny that we met, not only to foster that child but also spend the rest of our lives together.You are meant for me and I'm meant for you.

Just then,the telephone rang.

"Ms Mendler,the cab is here.Shall I assist you with the luggage?",came the voice.

"Thanks Victor,but Niall will carry it.See you in 5 minutes.",I said.

That's what I wore.

And there's my baby.

Niall took the bags and I locked up the apartment.Taking my phone and purse in hand,I went down.

Victor was helping Niall load up the taxi.I climbed in the back and Niall joined me in few seconds.

"LAX,please.', he said and shut the door.I saw the time on my phone.2:27.

We left on time.Thank God for no delays!


We got to the airport and loaded the bags on the trolley.I pushed the trolley and Niall held the tickets and passports.

After immigration,baggage drop-off and security,we were finally resting in the lounge.It was 4:15am.Boarding was expected to commence at 4:40am.Niall grew hungry so he ate a sandwich and resting his head on my shoulder,he took a nap.

I continued to work on my laptop.Once the call for boarding was made,we proceeded to the gate.

"Bullocks!These people really know how to disrupt someone's sleep.I was napping really well when they tell us to get upon their so called airplane.",he grumbled.

A lady in front of us turned around stared at him and I presume she began to laugh when she turned away.

"Niall,come on now.You can always sleep on the plane.",I said.
He kept complaining about something while I laughed at every little thing he said.He almost tripped once and I laughed my ass off.

"There's nothing funny.",he said pouting.

Finally we held hands and boarded the plane.

Niall slept for the most of the flight while I worked hard on my songs.I had told him that we'll take the connecting flight that stop for 2 hours in London but he wanted to take the direct 16 hour flight to Athens.

When he got really bored,I gave him my laptop and I was shocked what to see what he's using it.

He used the plane's WiFi and began to watch videos of golf on YouTube.He used the given headphones and that kept him busy for the rest of the 3 hours of the flight.

I was damn tired so I snuggled in his arms and fell asleep.


Niall awoke me when it was time to land.The plane was descending fast and  I could see the airport in the distance.

The plane touched down in 10 minutes and was taxiing to the gate.

We are now finally in Greece !
Time to kick this Greek holiday off to a great start!

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