Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


22. Chapter 21

Niall's Point of View and Plan 3 in action (contd)

I saw Bridget working in the kitchen.I walked towards her and she saw me approaching.

"Baby,ready?",I whispered.

"Yeah,bring it on.",she said."Harry is watching from his window."

Harry's Point of View

I saw Niall walk towards Bridget.The two of them spoke until she accompanied him and the two of them left the club.I can't believe she agreed to have sex with him!I'm so pissed.

She doesn't like to have sex with me but she immediately agreed to do the same to a complete stranger.

Something has to be done.....

Bridget's Point of View

Niall and I left the club and sat down in his car and we drove off.

"I think this may have really pissed Harry off.",said Niall.

"I quite enjoyed it.",I said laughing."Where do we go?"

Niall took me to a restaurant for lunch."I love you so much.",he said,blushing.

"Me too.More than anyone or anything.",I said and put my hand upon his hand at the table.

We enjoyed a lovely meal.After eating,we decided to have some fun at Gigi's apartment.We obviously can't go to my apartment nor his house.What if Harry is looking for us?

We got in the car when my phone rang.It was Harry.I let it ring to show him how busy I was getting intimate with his younger brother.

But Harry being Harry Styles didn't give up.He called me 7 times and every time I let the phone ring.Finally when I could take it no more,I turned my phone off.I hope that really pissed him off.

Niall was driving and then I heard the musical side of him.He turned off the radio and began to sing.


"That was extraordinary,Niall.I've never heard that song before.", I said at the end.

"How would you?I wrote it for you.", he said and smiling at me before looking back at the road.

"That's so sweet of you.This is why I love you.", I said beamingly."Talking of that,I wrote a song too."


Once I finished,Niall pulled the car on the side and got out.I got out too.

Why did he stop the car on a deserted route?

He walked over to me and held me against the car door.His hands went to my waist and wrapped around them.Holding me close to his chest, he kissed me so affectionately.So that's why he stopped the car!

My heart was pounding the entire time.I hope he wasn't able to hear it.

"I love the song.",he said smirking at me.I just kissed him back.

A car and came to a halt beside us.An old woman popped her head from the window.

"Hello??Excuse me you two.",she called out.

"Yes?",answered Niall.

"Could you tell me how to get to downtown Los Angeles,please?"

"Sure.Take the next left and then the freeway.", said Niall.

"Thanks dear. By the way, you two should get yourself a bedroom other than making out in public.",she said.

I burst out laughing and so did Niall."Sure,will do that.", I said and pulled him back into the car.She drove away.

"Funny old bat.", he said and started the engine.

Harry's Point of View

It's been over 3 hours since Bridget left with Niall.I called her a hundred times but she didn't answer to a single call.I wonder what she's doing,where she is and whether she's enjoying with Niall.

I bet she's having a hard time. She only enjoys with me.She may not be saying that I please her the best but in her mind she may be thanking me.She's only mine and I'm only hers.This is the first and last time that Niall laid his hands on my girl.I'm gonna keep him away from my Bridget or I'll have to do the same thing to him like what I did to Janice's boyfriend.Even though he's my brother at the end moment I won't stop to think whether I'm gonna kill my brother or anyone close to me.When I want something to be done as I desire,I will get it under any circumstances.

Bridget's Point of View

"The old woman's got a point.",I said after a few minutes after Niall began to drive."We should get ourselves a room."

"What?!", he exclaimed.I noticed he was blushing.

"What are you doing for the rest of the week and the weekend?",I asked turning in my seat to face him.

"Um.....I don't think I'll be doing anything special.Why?"

"How about we go for a little romantic getaway for the rest of the week and return on Monday or so?

"I'd love that.Just you and I.",he said.

"I want to spend some quality time with you, away from your obnoxious and horrendous brother.", I said .

He laughed."I think that's a great idea.Where shall we go?", he asked.

"London,Paris or New York?", I asked,taking the names of random cities.

"Those are all bustling places.How about Zurich?To your home?", he said.

"I'll either break up with you and forget all this happened but never go back home.", I threatened.

"Oh baby, please don't break up with me.I won't survive.", he said taking one of my hand and driving with other.

"Okay fine.No jokes like that please.", I said cheering up.He nodded.

After 5 minutes of silence,I came up with the perfect romantic destination.

"I've decided Niall.......A perfect romantic lovers paradise.It's not busting,it's not noisy, just lovely people around.Completely shut away from the world......well,not completely but yeah, it's beautiful.",I said happily.

"Cool!What place?", he said eagerly.

"Skopelos!",I said and clapped my hands.

"What?Where's that?", he said with a confused expression.

"Skopelos,Greece!", I said.

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