Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


21. Chapter 20

Bridget's Point of View

I stretched in bed the next morning.Harry had gone again.Used me and poof....made it like the wind.

I've had enough with this life.I could just jump in front of a truck and leave this world behind but I can't.When making plans on how to get back to Harry,Niall made me promise that I'll never end my life due to depression or any other factor.If I do,then he's on his way behind me.

"I'm just gonna stay at home today.Fuck the club and my boss.To hell with both of them.",I mumbled to myself.


I just laid on the bed staring out of the sky watching the slow moving clouds.

My life is such a screw up.I left my family back in Zurich,came out here and I am forced to build an intimate relationship with my boss.And then,I fall in love with his younger brother.

I kept staring at the clouds reminiscing my life's moments.All my goals,my dreams,my efforts I put in to achieve what I really wanted but got nothing.


I went deep into the past thinking who I was and who I am now.Does mom,dad or anyone think of me?I'm pretty sure my father thinks I'm dead for him.My mom maybe thinking that her little girl is living somewhere on this giant planet.Should I once in a lifetime go back and pay a visit?I know my father won't be happy to see me but I don't give a shit.They are my parents and I love them more than anything but not more than Niall.That's never possible.


I kept pondering upon the life of Bridget Mendler,a nobody who would become someone one day when there was a knock on the door.I was just going to go back to bed and enjoy the day off and now someone is knocking on my door by 8:30am.The knocking got intense.


"Yeah yeah,coming.Hold on.",I yelled as I got out of bed and put a bathrobe upon my naked body.

On opening the door,someone pounced upon me.

"Niall?.....What are you doing here?Is everything alright?",I asked with a worried look.

"That's what I should be asking you.Are you alright?",he said,panting.

"Me?I'm absolutely fine!Why do you ask?"He let go of my waist and began to search the apartment.

"Where is he?"..........."Where is Harry?",he asked.

"Harry?He's not here.Why would he be here?Can you please tell why are you back from Las Vegas so soon?You were supposed to get back tomorrow evening.Why today and you looking for Harry?",I asked bombarding him with questions.

"He was here last night,wasn't he?",he said with an anger expressed in his blue eyes.

"No Harry wasn't here yesterday.",I lied blatantly.

"Bridget,don't lie.I know he was here."

"No baby.I'm not lying,he wasn't here.Why do you think he was here?",I said,turning cold.

"You know you can't lie to me.Did you forget 'I didn't give your aching dick access to my body'...whatever whatever.?",he said,looking at me directly in the eye.

How does he know all this?What the heck is going on?
"How do you know that Niall?",I said and sat upon the bed,dejected.

"When we were talking yesterday and the doorbell rang,you only put the phone upon the table.You didn't disconnect the call.I heard everything.That's why I drove in the morning and got here to protect you."

"Oh god!!!.......Oh god!!!!I can't believe you know what happened last night.",I said and buried my head in my hands.

Niall sat down bedside me."It's okay.We are going to fight right through this.I'm here for you.Come here.",he said and pulled me into a hug.

I just sat there taking in the scent of his body."Why don't you shower and I'll prepare breakfast?Then I'll tell you my masterplan.",he said.


Niall prepared pancakes.We relished the delicious breakfast and then he sat down to tell me the plan.

"This time I promise you we will completely piss Harry off.It goes like this............."

Niall's Point of View and Plan 3 in action

I dropped Bridget off at the club and I went to Harry's office.Time to test his patience.

I walked right into his office.

"Niall??You here?I thought you were in Las Vegas.",he said with a shocked face.

"Yeah,I'm back.Nick fell ill so we had to come back but that's not important.I want to talk to you about something Harry.As a brother."

"Sure,tell me."

"I know you use women for your sexual activity.Um......can I too?",I asked shyly and blatantly,rubbing my hands.

He looked at me for a few seconds and then walked towards me.

"Finally,my brother is going in the right direction,following his big brother.",he said and gave me a hug."Everyone needs to fulfil their needs.I'll help you out."

"You will?Thanks a lot,Harry.",I said and gave him a hug.Time to kick his ass!

"So,who do you want?Which chick?",he asked as we stared at the all the employees working downstairs.

"How about,that brunette....with the coloured hair......Yup,she's perfect!",I said.

Harry's Point of View

What the fuck!!'He means Bridget !I can't let Niall have my girl.She's mine and only mine.I will not let him have her.

Niall's Point of View and Plan 3 in action (contd)

I noticed Harry imagining something.

"Well,I'm off for that hot chick.See ya later Harry.",I said and walked out of his office.He was left dumbfounded.

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