Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


3. Chapter 2

Bridget's Point of View

I got off the taxi and took the elevator up to my apartment.

I pushed open the front door and was welcomed by my humble abode.God!What a mess!

The last time I was here was 10 days ago.I was eating a pizza and I received Gigi's call that she fell in the bathroom.Leaving everything,I ran to her apartment.

I noticed the pizza box and the half eaten slice lying near it.

"Time to clean up!!",I told myself.

The pizza had been rotting so it went straight to the garbage can.Clothes lay scattered all over the place.

I took all the clothes I saw lying around  and walked over to the washing machine.Load by load,I washed things.

I brought out my vacuum cleaner and cleaned all the rooms.I watered the plants on the tiny balcony.

It was 12:30 by the time I finished with all the work.

Time to bathe and relax!

I took off my clothes and stood under the shower.The hot water falling on my body calmed me and I felt nice.

After 30 minutes,I finally got out.

I got dressed and left for lunch.I went straight to Taco Bell to have my favourite French fries.

It was finally 1:30 by the time I finished with lunch.I took a cab and went back to the hospital.

"Hi.I was lying in wait for you.",said Gigi when I entered her room.

"Where's Zayn?",I asked.

"Oh,he had some emergency at work so he just left 15 minutes ago.",she said.

"How are things?",she asked.

"At home?Fine.I just got things back on track."

"I'm getting so bored here.I want to leave."

"Gigi,you know you can't do that.How about I take you downstairs for a walk this evening in the garden?",I said smiling.


By 2pm,she was asleep.I turned on the TV and began to watch Game of Thrones.

Just then,my phone rang.I grabbed it and went into the corridor to talk.I didn't want to disturb Gigi.

"Hey Phoebe,how are you.",I said into the phone.

"I'm fine,how are you?"

"I'm absolutely fine."

"Then why haven't you been coming to work lately?"

"My best friend is in the hospital.I've been with her ever since but don't worry I'll be resuming work from tomorrow."

"Ok cool!See you soon.By the way,we are all expected to report at 9am for the programme."

"What programme?",I asked,turning cold.

"Don't worry.It's just for the dancers.Okay,I'll talk to you later.The practices are beginning.Bye,see you."

"Bye Phoebees.See you soon.",I said and walked back into the room.

Unknowingly,I fell asleep while watching TV.


I was awoken by the sound of the door opening.

"Madam?Tea?",came a voice.

"Yes please.",I said stretching.

I went over to Gigi and carefully woke her up.

"Dear,tea is here.",I said.

She yawned and I made her bed a little upright.

"I'm so tired here.I just want to go home.",she said.

Tea was brought and we had it with slices of sponge cake.

"Isn't this good?",I said."After tea,we'll go out for a walk."

On hearing this,she gulped her tea and cakes and was waiting for me to finish it.

I ate my cakes and then helped Gigi off the bed.

"Wait,Bridget I can't go out like this,in my nightclothes!",she said.

"This is a hospital.Everyone is dressed like that.You're not coming to my club that you need to dress fashionably.",I laughed and said.

"You've got a point,lady.Come on,my nurse.Let's go take a walk.",she laughed and said.

We left the room and walked down the corridor.Quite a few patients were sitting out in the corridor;away from those machines in their room.

I'd understand how it feels to be in a hospital.I know what Gigi is going through.

We took the elevator and went down to the main level and I lead Gigi out into the garden.

"Ahhhh!!!What fresh air!",she exclaimed as we began to walk around the trees.

We sat down on a bench and began to talk again.

Our neighbour Mrs Smith was out too.I waved out to her.

"Isn't she the woman who's in the next room?",asked Gigi.

"Yeah,her name is Mrs Kimberly Smith.She had a hip replacement.",I said.

"How do you know?"

"Well,I sit out of the room at times and once I meet her daughter.She told me."

We were talking when my phone rang.

"Hi Zayn."

"Hey!Gigi ran away from the hospital!",he said.

"What?!She's beside me in the garden.",I said laughing.

"Ohhhh I see.Dr McCarly is coming to check on her.",he said.

"Okay!We're on our way up!",I said.

"We need to go up.",I told Gigi.

"Time to face the doctor!",she said and started off towards the elevator.

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