Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


20. Chapter 19

Bridget's Point Of View

"Quick!To this address.",I said as I hopped  into a cab and showed the chauffeur the magazine.

I had an appointment at the salon.There was an advertisement in that magazine.When I saw it,I remembered my appointment.I wanted to get my hair coloured.The current trend is to have coloured stands of hair.I love that.

I reached the salon on time.Paying for the taxi,I ran in.

"Hi Bridget.Sorry your appointment has been delayed by 20 Minutes.I haven't finished with the previous woman.",said my hair stylist,Marcy.

Great!I rushed to be on time and now I have to wait.God!I hate this!

I sat down in the waiting area when I got Niall's text.'Reached.Hotel is lovely!'

I was getting bored so I FaceTimed him.
"Hi,love.I'm already missing you.",I said.
He was lying shirtless on the bed and I tried to squint my eyes to see his body clearly.So hot!!

"Bridget......Bridget!",I heard him call me."I know I'm hot but I'm talking babe."
I laughed at his comment.He saw me drooling.

"So,why you at the salon?",he asked.

"I'm gonna give you a little something.I'm sure you'll love it."

"Cool!I'll be waiting.",he said and sent me a flying kiss.

We were taking when Niall's friend jumped upon the bed.His phone fell to the ground.
"Oh god!Is the phone alright?",I asked.

I heard Niall curse but he soon confirmed that it was alright.No sign of damage.

We continued to laugh and talk when my stylist called me."Okay baby,I gotta go.I'll call in the night.Love you."

He gave me a flying kiss and then we put our phones away.

"Okay,I want orange,green,blue a little yellow towards the end.",I said as I sat on the chair.And then,the process began.


The end result was fantastic!

I was quite happy with my hair.I wanted to see Niall's expression.I'm sure he'll love it.This is always what I've wanted to do.

Proudly,I set for home.I took a taxi and hurried home.I have time to spare until 
dinner,gotta finish my song.I want Niall to hear it as soon as possible.

Opening the door to my apartment,I flung my purse onto the couch.Turning on my laptop,I resumed writing my song.


I finally finished it!Entitled it as 'Ready or Not.'(video in the next chapter)The clock read 8pm.Time for dinner.

I'm in no shape to cook something.Maybe I'll just go to a diner and have something.

I took a cab and went a nice looking restaurant....................Oh my god!Please I hope it's not whom I'm expecting.

Turns out,Harry was in the same restaurant.Out of all the 8596 restaurants in Los Angeles ,did he find only this one??

I walked towards the door,ready to leave but I heard him call me.

"Hey Bridget baby.Come and join me.",he said and smiled.

I huffed and walked towards the table,regretting my decision.

"Where you gonna walk away when you saw me?",he asked.

"No Harry.I just thought my selection of a restaurant was wrong.That's all!",I said cheerfully.

"Holy shit!Your hair.",he suddenly yelled.
Quite a few people turned towards us.

"Oh my god!Do you like it?",I said,running my hands through it.
He pushed away his chair and just kissed me right there and then!!

The restaurant began to cheer.What the heck is going on?!

I couldn't push him away so I just kissed him and said,"Can we head home now?I'm tired."And hungry too.Maybe I'll cook something.At least better than sharing a meal with my boss.

"Sure,I'll give you a ride home.",he said and we proceeded towards his car.Opening the car door for me,he sat down and joined me.

None of us said anything until he took a wrong turn .

"Harry,my home is left,not right.",I said,alerting him of his error.

"I know."

"So why aren't you going that way?"

"I'm taking you to my house.Let's have fun on my bed which you left incomplete this afternoon.",he said and ran his hand down my thigh.

"Stop this car instantly.",I demanded but he didn't .
That's when I did something stupid.I opened the door at 40m/h.

"Are you fucking nuts?Close the door now!",he yelled and slowed down.The car came to a standstill and I hopped out into the rain.

"Bridget,get back in.I'm taking you to my house anyhow.",he yelled and got out too.

"Yeah?Try me.",I said and began to walk home in the rain.

He started running after me.I took off my heels and and ran with them in my hands.He was closing in so I flung a shoe in his path.He tripped over it and fell upon the ground.

I went back for my shoe.
"Never mess with a woman.When she says no,means no.No two ways.",I said and whacked him on the face with my heals.

Holding them tight,I ran home.


"Hi babe.How was your day?",asked Niall as I spoke him on the phone.I came home and dried myself.

Resting upon the couch,I was talking to him.

"I had a lovely day.Harry didn't dare to bother me.",I said.

"Cool!I'm missing you so much.I..."
Ding Dong.

"Ugh!!Now who's that?",I grumbled."Niall,someone's at the door,just hold on and I'll be back."

I left my phone on the coffee table and went to open the door.

"Harry?!You here too?!",I exclaimed on seeing his tall figure in my doorway.

He just pushed his way into my house."Harry,get out.I'm not interested for tonight."

"Remember the video??"

"So you began that bullshit again?For what?Because I didn't give your aching dick access to my body?Watch how I get you off my property."

I walked towards the telephone when a hand wrapped around my waist and a handkerchief covered my nose and mouth.

There was definitely something on that kerchief.My head began to spin and I sat down on the bed clutching it .

"What was that?",I asked,in a rather shaky manner.

"Chloroform.I knew it would work.Should've used it before.",he said and laughed evilly.

My hand spun and then......out for the night.


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