Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


19. Chapter 18

Harry's Point of View

I kept staring at Bridget as she walked out of my office.Why is this happening to me?Who is that guy who's hanging out with her?

I told my friends to keep a watch and conduct an investigation on the guy but they too haven't been able to find him.

Last time,I was in love with this girl and she already had a boyfriend.I wanted her desperately but her boyfriend was really great at keeping me away from her.In the end,me and my buddies went over to his house and took his life.Cutting up in small pieces,we disposed off his body in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

But even after all the trouble I took to kill that guy,Janice moved away to Canada for a better life  after the sad demise of her boyfriend which the whole town believed to be a horrendous murder.Janice cried and I laughed.........but all that is another story.Looks like Bridget's boyfriend needs to be killed too.If my friends can't do something,then I will.

Bridget's Point of View

I laughed wholeheartedly as I descended the stairs and rejoined my cup of coffee.I love teasing Harry so much.I should pull it on Niall too.I love it when he gives me a pout.

There weren't many waitresses today in the club and I've got no clue why.I wanted to talk to my baby so I immediately dialled his number.

"Hey sugarplum.",he said."Here take this and tell me whatever she says."

I guess he handed the phone to his friend in the passenger seat."Hey Bridget,I'm Zac Niall's friend.I'm supposed to convey your messages to him and vice versa.",came a voice.

Oh my God!Niall's so cute.Even though he's driving he wants to talk to me.

"Ask her if she slept well.",said Niall.
"Niall's asked if you slept well.",said Zac.

"Tell him I did.It was amazing!",I said.
"She said that she slept well."

In this manner,quite a few messages were passed on like how the breakfast was,what I'm doing right now,and how I'm feeling.

It was quite hilarious that Zac had to repeat everything said to convey our messages!

Once we finished talking,I got back to work.I was scrubbing the counter when Harry came into the kitchen.That's when I noticed that there only me and him in the room.

All the others had left for the day."Hey,wanna go for lunch?",he said.

"Nah,sorry not interested."

"Bridget listen,I'm sorry for doing that to Ellie.I really want to take you out.How about my home?"

His home?Why?

"You're thinking why to my home?Don't worry.I won't do anything until night time."he said and wrapped his hands around my waist.

Pulling me closer,he made an attempt to kiss me but I said,"Maybe we should get moving.I'll grab my phone and pursue."

I heard him huff as I walked away.

We got into his car and he drove away at top speed.


After spending 45 minutes in typical Los Angeles traffic,we arrived at Harry's imposing house.I stared at it and thought of Niall!

Harry opened the door and escorted me to his front door.He smiled as he opened it and let me into the never ending salon.

Does he want something?I hope not.....

"Wanna have something?",he asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"What?",I asked shocked.

"Oh,I wasn't talking about that.Something to eat or drink?",he said,smirking.

Oh god!What's wrong with me?

"Looks like you want something fun.",he said and walked towards me.

"Don't come close Harry.I'll scream."

"Scream?There is no one to listen.Ha ha ha."

I had no other option but to run away from him.I ran up the stairs and entered one of the rooms.

He chased me and finally closed the door."Ah,seems like you found your way to my bedroom.Wanna start?",he said and began to unbutton his shirt."

Out of the corner of my eye,I noticed an advertisement on a magazine that caught my attention.Harry continued to walk towards me.I grabbed the magazine and ran out of the room.

"Hey,where you going?",he shouted back .

"Gotta go.Catch ya later,Casanova."

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