Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


18. Chapter 17

Niall's Point of View

The alarm rang at exactly 6:45am.I got out of bed and stretched.Bridget was still asleep.I pulled the covers over her and tucked her in tightly.

I put on my shoes and wrote a tiny note,leaving it on her bedside table.I was ready to leave by 7am.

I gave Bridget a kiss on the cheek and then taking my car keys ,I left the apartment.

I was home by 7:15am.My friends were supposed to meet me at 8am in some bistro.Harry was still upon the couch stretched out,exposing a few tattoos.

In the shower,I kept thinking about Bridget and what our next plan would be.

I showered and went downstairs to make myself some breakfast.I made a cup of British tea(God!I love British tea) and a bowl of cereal.I turned on the television and began to watch some crap that was being broadcasted early in the morning.

In the end,I did the dishes and watered the plants.I left my house at 8 and drove over to pick up a friend who was accompanying us.

Off to Las Vegas!

Bridget's Point of View

The alarm went off at 9am.Niall is gone.I stretched in bed.My hand hit something on the bedside table and I fell down.

Turns out,it was a note.
Dear Bridget,
I didn't want to wake you up when I left.Your breakfast is on the table.Enjoy.See you soon.Stay safe .
All the love,

Awwwww.That's so cute.I went over to the table and took a look at the breakfast.There was an omelette.He had kept all the stuff for my coffee ready.All I had to do was heat the water.

Ever wanna get a man??Get one like Niall!!

I showered and took a cab and went over to the club.I was in no mood to work but I had no other way to pass time and yes,I needed to earn money so there's no way out.

I pushed open the door and was greeted by the warm aroma of coffee.

I walked over to the counter and took the coffee pot.I didn't want coffee but I don't know why I poured myself a cup.

Bridget's Point Of View and Plan 2 in action

I sat on the barstool and continued to sip my coffee.I saw Harry walking in his office.He saw me and his eyes began to flutter.He signalled me to come up to his office.

Putting the cup down on the table,I walked to his office in a rather sexy manner.

I pushed open the door and found him sitting on the couch.On seeing me enter,he walked up to me and held me by my waist.

"Ahh,babe.I missed you and all your little things.Especially your body.",he said and snuggled his head in my neck cavity.

I pushed him away."Baby,what's wrong?",he said showing me anger in his green eyes.

"You're so damn cheap,Harry.A complete cheapskate.Don't come close to me and get one thing straight,we are not having sex anymore."

"What?Why?",he said and came close to me,squeezing my arms.

"Who's more fun?Me or Ellie?Is it fun to fuck all your employees?"

"What?!I never did that.What's wrong with you?"

"Oh Harry,keep your bullshit to yourself.I know what happened in the shower stall.......'ah Harry,give me more'......and then you go 'oh baby I'm so close.'",I yelled .

He stared at me wondering how I knew everything.

"Look,I'm sorry.I won't do that again.Please don't go away from me.",he said and kissed my lips.I immediately broke away.

"I don't know,I'll think about it.By the way,why did you call me yesterday?"
I was finally at the main topic to make him envious.

"I wanted to have sex but your apartment was locked.How was last night?"

"Oh shit!I had so much fun!God!It was mind blowing!I've never had so much fun."

"Did you have sex?",he asked.I wanted him to ask me this.He's getting entwined in Niall and my plan.

"Um,that's none of your business but since your my best friend,I'll tell you that we had some amazing sex.Just out of this world!"

That just completely put him off.He clenched his fists together and anger took over his face.I wanted to laugh out loud on my entire story but that would give the plan away.I was enjoying pissing him,I began to exaggerate.

"I don't think you've ever thought what we did last night.So so so naughty!!!God!!I'm such a wild girl!.......oops,it's getting late.I'll catch you later Harry.I'm gonna work.Bye.",I said and left with a huge smile.

He stood there watching me leave.

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