Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


17. Chapter 16

Niall's Point of View

I dropped Bridget home and was back home,lounging in the living room.Harry would be home any minute.I glared at the time on my phone;21:12.

I began to check my Instagram when I heard a car pull up in the driveway.Talk of the devil and the devil appears.

He seemed pretty pissed for some reason."Hey Niall!",he said.

"Hi Harry.Had a great day?"

"Nah,but I'm going to a party.I'm gonna have so much fun!",he said and went upstairs to change.

"Oh yeah?A party or are you going to fuck my girlfriend?",I mumbled as he climbed the stairs."Don't worry big brother,I have a lovely surprise in store for you."

I sent a text to Bridget.

N-Hi baby.He just got home.Where are you?

B-I'm home.I'm leaving now.

Just then,Harry came downstairs.He was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a white loose shirt."Hey,I'm leaving alright?",he said.

"Have fun!",I said as he shut the door.

N-Babe,he just left.

B-Me too.I'm on my way to the apartment.

N-Are you sure you'll be safe there?Should I come?

B-Niall baby,I'll be fine.Thanks a lot.Love you.😘

N-Love  you too.😘😘

Bridget's Point of View and Plan 1 in action 

I opened the door to Gigi's apartment and put my phone and purse upon the coffee table.I was working upon a song when I received Niall's text that Harry is on the way to my apartment to spend the night.I grabbed my things and ran off to Gigi's .

It's almost 10pm when my phone began to ring.Running to the coffee table,I answered it.


"Bridget,where the hell are you?Aren't you home?",he asked,sounding pissed.

"Oh sorry Harry.No sex tonight.I'm at my friend's house.",I said.

"That guy friend?"

"Yup,you guessed it rig.....ha ha ha ,baby stop it.I'm on the phone.", I said and began to make up a fake laughter."Sorry Harry,I'll see you tomorrow,I'm currently cuddling right now.Bye.",I said and put the phone down.

Harry's Point of View

"Fuck!",I said and banged my hands hard against the locked apartment door.Bridget is getting damn close to that sneaky asshole.I want to kill him now.He's interfering with me and my Bridget.

"I don't even know where he stays.",I said and headed back to my car."I'll get her at work tomorrow.Watch out baby.Harry's coming for you."

Niall's Point of View and Plan 1 in action (contd)

I was watching television when my phone beeped.

B-Harry called me.He seemed pissed.

N-Are you safe?

B-Don't worry babe.I'm fine.Just missing you.

N-Me too😘

B-Btw,you're leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow.Done packing?

N-Nah,gonna do it in a while.Oh Harry's here.We'll chat later.Love you.❤️️


Niall's Point of View

The car pulled up and in walked a very very angry Harry.

"Hey,you back so soon.What about the party?",I asked ,teasing him.

"Um ....well it got cancelled.The host fell ill."

"How about some vodka,bro?",I asked.

"Sure man.I'll change and be down."

Harry loves vodka but it makes him sleepy,really really sleepy.Whenever he drinks vodka,it'll put him to sleep like a baby for the next 12-13 hours.

I topped his glass with vodka and handed it to him.
"Thanks man.",he said and drank it all in one gulp.

I glared at him and smirked."Niall,what is this?",he asked,catching his head and falling onto the couch.

"Don't worry brother.It's vodka.",I said,as he fell asleep.

"Harry?",I called out and shook him.

No reply.

I slapped him hard and beat him up.I released all my anger on him."Don't you dare touch my girlfriend next time,Casanova."

I smashed him hard until I felt that that was enough.To top it up,I punched him on the face.He continued to sleep peacefully.

I went upstairs to do my packing leaving Harry on the couch.

By 11,I was done and was getting into bed when I got a text from Bridget.

B-Niall,help me.Some guys are at my doorstep and  threatening me.I'm really scared.Please help me baby.Help me.

My heart stood still when I read it.No,that's not possible.I have to save my baby.

N-I'm on my way,Bridget.I'm coming.

I leapt out of bed and grabbed my car keys.Hoping in,I drove off at top speed.

I was at Gigi's apartment within 10 minutes.Running up the stairs,I found the door to the apartment open.

Oh god!What if......?

No,that can't happen.What I just imagined cannot be true.

"Bridget......Bridget.",I called as I walked through the apartment but got no reply.

Suddenly,a pair of hands wrapped around my waist and a head was resting on my shoulders.

"Oh baby.You're fine.What happened?",I said and pulled her in a hug.

"I'm sorry but I played a prank.I just wanted you near me."

"What?!",I yelled."You scared the living hell out of me.Why didn't you just tell me that you wanted to spend time with me?"

"I want hugs,kisses and cuddles.",she said and placed her head in my neck cavity and held me tighter.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to my body."Please love,don't ever and I mean,ever play such a prank.I almost lost my mind when I read your text."

"I'm sorry.Can we cuddle tonight?"

"Yeah sure but I'll leave early in the morning."

"How's Harry?",she asked.

"Let's just focus on ourselves and I'll tell you about him later.",I said and held her by the waist as she pulled the covers over us.

"Come closer.",I said and pulled her near my pounding heart.

"I love you Niall.Good night.",she said and held my hands where they met at her waist.

"Good night sweetheart.Love you too.",I said and gave a kiss.

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