Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


15. Chapter 14

Bridget's Point of View

"Harry Styles??You mean my boss?",I asked bewildered by his response.

"Yes,surprised aren't you?",he said."He's my elderly brother."

What the fuck is this??Harry,my stalker is Niall's elder brother?!What shit!

Niall came close to give me a hug but I pushed him away from me."Get away from me,Niall.Don't you dare touch me."

"What?!Bridget,what did I do?",he asked with a worried expression on his face.

"Fuck off,Niall.Don't talk to me.You brought me to your house so you could get into my pants.",I yelled.

"What?I didn't even think like that."

"Oh,shut the fuck up.You're Harry's brother.Do you want to fuck me now?And then make a video and blackmail me?"

"Bridget,call down.",he said and walked towards me.

"Niall,I swear if you take one step closer,I'm going to immobilise your balls.Don't you even dare!",I said and he laughed silently but got serious again.

"But baby,what did I do?I've got to know."

"Don't call me baby.Don't call me that.",I screamed."Just remember,I'm not going to let you fuck me.Don't even try coming close to me."

Finishing my statement,I walked down the driveway.

Niall ran up to me and caught my arms,pinning them to the side of my body.He swiftly turned me around.

"Can we calmly talk this over please?",he said in a very gentle voice but it still wasn't going to convive me to stop into that house.

Finally when I didn't agree,he picked me up and took me in.I was screaming and banging my arms on his chest but he just didn't stop.

Oh god!Is Niall going to fuck me after Harry?

He carefully put me down on the couch."Now,let's talk but I'll just be back with some coffee."

He went to the kitchen and was back minutes later with 2 mugs of coffee.

"Here you go.",he said,handing me my cup.

"You take a sip from my mug.What if you're going to drug me and then fuck me?",I said pushing the mug away.

"Alright,if that is what pleases you or enforces a feeling of trust,I'll take a sip."

He took a sip and passed the mug back to me."You see....I'm all fine.So that means there are no drugs in the coffee."

"Hold on,Niall.It takes a few minutes to start working."

15 minutes later,he was still perfectly fine."Will you trust me now?",he asked."Now tell me everything.What's the business with this fuck and stuff?"

I stared at his face for a few seconds and then I began to cry.

"Niall,I hate your brother Harry.He's blackmailing me.I have to give into him every night."

"What's happening?I'm not getting you clearly.Can you explain everything?",he said,putting his arm around me and holding me.

"On the first day when we met;the day of my performance,Harry asked me out to dinner but I being too tired didn't agree.So he took me out the next night.I don't know what happened but he had sex with me and recorded the entire thing on his iPhone.Now he blackmails me that I have to please him every night or he'll upload the video on YouTube.It'll screw up my life,Niall.I have no option but to give into him and let him use me.",I cried.

Niall was really shocked at hearing my response.

"I knew something was wrong.It's all my fault.",he said,getting up and walking to the window.

"Niall?Are you involved in this?",I asked,joining him.

"No,I'm completely different from Harry.I knew he's a bad guy and uses women for his pleasure but I never imagined that he'll do that to you.",he said.

I heard him sob.

"Niall,please.",I said and took his hand.

"I have my own story to tell you.",he said."Let's go back to the couch and I'll tell you everything.No secrets about my life."

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