Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


14. Chapter 13

Bridget's Point Of View

Harry had once again vanished when I woke up the next morning.What's with him?

I got out of bed and made myself a delicious breakfast;ham on eggs.

I checked my phone while having breakfast.There were quite a few messages from my friends.

Having checked them,I went to shower.

I just couldn't get the memories that Niall and I had spent in the last few days.

He's so sweet.I love him so much and he loves me too.I have so much  fun when I'm around him.Every moment spent with him is like a spontaneous adventure.Every time we part,I can't wait until I see him again.

I washed my hair and tied it in my towel while I put on my clothes.

I got into some amazing clothes cause I'm going to his house today.I can hardly wait.I applied my lipgloss and then my phone rang.

It was Niall!

"Hey Bridget.I'm sorry but can we meet in the afternoon?I have an emergency."

"Oh yeah!Sure.As you say babe."

"I'm so sorry.",he added.

"Niall,don't say sorry.Take care.Bye,love you.".

I locked my phone and put it back on the table.The clock read 9:25.He's gonna pick me up in the afternoon.What do I do all morning?

Should I work at the club for a while?Maybe Niall can pick me up from there.

"I think that's great!",I said and grabbed my purse and set out.

By 9:45,I was at Club 24/7.To he very honest,I'm not gonna show Harry my face.I'll work for 3 to 4 hours until Niall's here.

I began my work in the kitchen.There were many customers for breakfast today.I was attending to an elderly woman and a family of 4.

"Hi,I'm Bridget.What would you like to have?"

"Pizza!",shouted the little child.

"Oh no,son.We don't eat pizza for breakfast.",said his mom.

"Does he like hot cakes?",I asked his mommy.

"Hot cakes??Don't even mention.He loves them!",she replied.

"Okay!I'll make that for him.Sweetie,can I treat you to a surprise?"

He began to jump up and down.His sister was really young.A baby in arms.The mom ordered an omelette and her husband choose sunny side ups.

I began to prepare the hot cakes.That is one of the best recipes my mom taught me.She used to make the most amazing hot cakes so her skill has passed onto me.

One by one,I served the family their meal.Finally after all the hard work,my hot cakes were ready.Setting it upon a tray with a glass of orange juice,I gave it to the child.

He stared at me and then the food with wide eyes.

He grabbed his fork and knife and voraciously began to hog the delicious food.

Leaving the family with their meals,I went back to the kitchen.

"Hey Bridget,have you seen Ellie?",Alicia asked.

"No I haven't,why?"

"Well,apparently she has to attend to a customer and now she's disappeared.When I asked the customer what he'd like,he chewed me out that his cup of tea ordered 20 minutes ago still hasn't been served.

Alicia being chewed out.Interesting.I'd love to see that.I mean,she may be lazy but she's really nice from the heart.

I felt a tapping on my shoulder."Can you look for her?",she asked me.

"I will but I need you to serve the woman on table 12 fried eggs.No salt,only pepper.",I said.

"Will do so.",she said and began to make the eggs.I went in search of Ellie.

10 minutes later

I checked everywhere but I can't find her.The two places left are the shower stalls and Harry's office.I think I'll choose the latter one last.

I walked into the shower rooms and yes,there were noises.Weird noises.

"Oh yeah......oh yeah...shit....aaaghhh that feels so good!",came the voice and that's definitely Ellie's.I was just going to call her when I heard another voice.

"Oh fuck!!!You're so sexy!!!"

Harry???What's he doing in the shower stall .....with Ellie?

She was yelling and moaning,"Aaaghhh,fuck me....fuck me......Harry,fuck me."

"Oh shit,baby,I'm so close.......ohhhh yeahhhh.",I heard him moan.

So,they are having a shower stall.Amazing.Maybe Harry let go of me and is now running behind Ellie.Wait,what the fuck is going on?!

I had just witnessed a disgusting scene.Grabbing my purse,I headed home.


"Hey,I was waiting for you.",I said when I met Niall at 12:40.

"Can you drive?",he asked,showing me puppy eyes.

"Awwww,is my baby tired?",I said as I took the wheel of the Audi and gave my boyfriend a kiss.

"Yeah,kind of.",he said and fastened the seatbelt.

I started off and asked him,"What was the emergency?"

"Ah,nothing.My friends were joking.They made an excuse but..."

"But...?",I said,rolling my eyes.

"We guys have planned a 2 day trip to Las Vegas."

"Cool!!",I said,taking one of his hand and holding it.

"Yeah?I don't want to leave you for 2 days.I can't stay without you.",he said.

I took his hand and kissed it."Niall,I'll be fine.Have fun with your friends.When do you leave?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"Cool.Now,tell me the directions."

He told me the directions to his house.It was fucking huge.

"Are you sure this is your house?",I asked as I drove into the driveway.

"This is all because my brother.",he said.

"Who the fuck is your brother?,I said and took his hand as we stepped out the vehicle.

"You'll be surprised to know he is.",he said and wrapped his hands around my waist.

"Really?Come on,tell me who he is."

"My brother is Harry Styles."

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