Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


12. Chapter 11

Bridget's Point Of View

Even though I may have been very straight and brave in front of Harry,I'm really scared.

He's a rotten piece of shit that's capable to do anything.He's got money,power and status.He can get away with murder if he wants.

What if he uploads that video overnight?It'll shatter my dreams of being a pop star.

Say,in the future I get a chance to debut in some small programming before going on to be a pop star and if this video is uploaded,my life is screwed.The world will see me as a bad person.My parents,Niall,Gigi and Zayn;what will they think of me?

I was thinking so deeply I fell asleep as I turned in bed once more.


I entered the club to get the shock of my life.Harry was talking to someone.He had his phone in hand.

What if he's uploading the video?What if he showed it to everyone?

I chased him to his office but he was quicker.He went in and shut the door.I dashed right into the office.

"Harry,please I'm really sorry.Don't do this to me.",I cried as I ran to him and put my arms around him.

"Bridget,what's wrong?"

"Harry,I'm ready to do whatever you want me to.Please don't upload that video.I beg of you.Please don't.",I continued and wrapped my hands around him tighter.

Harry's Point Of View

I have decided to give Bridget one more chance.If she doesn't do as I say,I'll blackmail her saying I'd upload the video.Ha,she doesn't know that.

Fuck,I'm getting an erotic feeling as she's holding me right now.I want this to get serious.

"Baby,how about some intense sex on my desk?",I asked,smirking.

She looked at me innocently."I think you mean no.Okay then,I'll be back at night.",I said and let go.

But I still can't control that dick down there.Okay,I'm gonna do something.

Bridget straightened her hair and was walking out when I grabbed her.

"Harry,what are you doing?"

I threw her on my couch.Climbing over her,I threw my lips on her.

I heard her moan once but she didn't pull away.When we both needed to gasp for air,we pulled away.

She just smiled at me.Wait,a smile?Fuck,she loves what I'm doing.I'm gonna move it a notch up or two.

Bridget's Point Of View

I don't like a single thing that's happening with me but I've got no choice.I've got to tolerate it and move on.Maybe eventually he'll get tired of me.


That night,I laid in wait for Harry.The clock read 10.Where is he?

Just then,there was a knock on the door.Talk of the devil and the devil appears.

Opening the door for him,he walked in."Shall we start?",he questioned.

He began to undress and so did I."Nah nah.....I'll undress you.",he said and walked towards me.

"Don't you ever get tired of sex?",I asked as he took off my top.

"Oh baby,it energises me.",he said as he climbed over me and began to thrust.

I just want all this to finish.

"This is fucking amazing.I'm enjoying this.",he said as he carried on with the thrusting.

"Ugh!Nothing's so special.I'm not enjoying at all.",I mocked.

"Yeah?Well then,Harry's gotta do a better job.",he said and picked up speed.

Okay,I wasn't expecting this.

"Agghhh,oh shit!Harry,fucking slow down.What's the fucking hurry?",I yelled.

He lowered his face bringing it near mine."I've not only got to please myself but also my baby.",he said and kissed me and releasing into me simultaneously.

He came beside me and said,"Thanks baby,for the lovely evening.Good night and see you tomorrow."

I reminded him that tomorrow was my day off.

Acknowledging that,he cuddled me and we went to sleep.


Waking up next morning,Harry had gone.

Finally,a day to myself.Oh yeah!I gotta take a contraceptive pill.I persuaded him to use condoms but he says it reduces the pleasure.Fussy!!

I was just stepping into the shower when my phone beeped.'Niall Horan sent you a message.',it read.

He was asking me if we could go out for brunch or something.

I replied with a yes.I wanted to spend some time with him.He said he'd pick me up so I texted him my address.


Niall was at my house by 11:30.He took me to his favourite place,Nandos.I had heard of the place but never ventured there.

It was an amazing experience.

After lunch,we were at my apartment for coffee.

I was making coffee when he asked me a question that scared me."You look kinda sad.Why so?"

The previous night during sex,Harry was holding me by my shoulder and thrusting.I guess the pressure caused some joint pain or so.

"Um,my shoulder hurts.I bumped into the door at night.",I said amazing up an amazing excuse.

"Let me massage it for you.",he said.

"That's okay,Niall.Thank you."

"Bridget,I'm not gonna touch you anywhere.I'm only gonna massage your shoulder.",he smiled and said.


Okay,I take back what I said about my excuse.I feel so guilty after lying to Niall.He's so sweet;his hands are like a masseur.True to his word,he didn't touch me anywhere.A totally different person when compared to Harry.Harry will put his hands on any woman but no;not Niall.

"There you go.You should be fine.",he said.

I then lost control did something I love doing with Niall.

"Thanks baby.",I said and sat down on his lap and kissed him.

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