Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


11. Chapter 10

Bridget's Point of View

Harry showed me the entire video.I was stunned from start to finish.

"Now that I have this video,you better do as I say or I'll upload this on YouTube.",he said as he locked his phone and put it in his pocket."Come close to me."

I just stood there frozen.When I didn't move,he came to me and wrapped his arms around me.

I was thinking deeply when I felt hands on my ass.

"Harry,don't touch my butt.",I said.

"You're  mine.I can do what I want.",he said and began stroking my ass.

"Move away.",I yelled and pushed him away.

"Remember the video?",he said,smirking.

There is practically nothing I can do.I will stop him from touching me and he'll just upload the video.

He caught me once more and held me tighter from the waist.

"Oh baby,I love your body so much.",he said and snuggled his head in my neck cavity.

"Harry,I want to talk.",I said calmly.

He sat down on his chair and told me to sit in his lap.

"I think I'll be more comfortable on the chair."

Heeding to none,he pulled me upon his lap.

"What do you want to tell me?",he said,holding me by my waist.

"Harry,I'm a respectful woman.I'm not here to fuck my boss.I have some self respect too.Haven't you ever thought of me?"

"What is the matter with you?All I want is sex.Don't you want it too?"

"No,I don't want the same thing now.I'm only 20."

"I'm not that old too.I'm only 22.",he said giving me a kiss.

All he is interested is in touching me.He's not even paying attention to what I'm fucking saying.I'm losing my patience but I got to keep calm.

"Okay,I got you another deal!",he said."We can have sex and I'll pay you for it."

Now,I've had it.ENOUGH!

I threw myself away from Harry's lap and yelled,"Can't you ever make good use of the money you have?No,you can't.All you do is use it on prostitutes but one thing you should know is I'm not one of them.I give 1/3 of my salary to a charity called Comic Relief.I bet you haven't heard of it."

I must have pissed him off cause his next reaction was unprecedented.

He threw me upon his sofa and he climbed over me.

"I'm so aroused,I want to fuck you right now.",he said and kissed me.

I better leave quick or he'll strip me.

"I have work to do.",I said and pushed him away.I left his office and went downstairs to work.


I'm so tired.God knows how I climbed the stairs to my apartment.

I took off my clothes and put on a bathrobe.

Just then,my phone rang.

"Hi Bridget!!!How's life?",came Gigi's voice.

"Hey!How's  Hawaii?"

"Amazing.Zayn and I are having so much fun!How's work?"

"Just amazing."

I was gonna ask about Zayn when I heard Gigi laugh."Zayn stop it.Stop tickling me."

The two are cuddling.I shouldn't disturb them."Gigi,I'll call you later.Take care.",I said and cut the call.

The two are having fun.

I tucked myself in bed and was falling asleep when there was a knock on the door.

The clock read 10.Who could come at my door now?

I put on my robe and went to open the door.Standing there was Harry.

"Harry?What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to sleep with you.",he grinned."I can't sleep alone.I need a woman in my bed."

He just walked in without my permission."So,let's start.",he said and advanced towards me.

I closed the door and went to him."Harry,I'm really tired.Please let me sleep.If you have come here for nothing,I'd advise you to leave."

"I'm not here for nothing.I'm here for you."

"Will you just stop it?"

But he didn't.He pulled me and held me .

"Now,let's see what's under this robe.",he said and untied the rope.

I pushed him hard and he lost his balance and fell on my bed.

"Wow!You took it one step ahead.",he said.

"No,I took it three steps back.",I said and grabbed his hand.

"What's going on?Weren't you going to undress me?",he said.

Taking his hand,I threw out of my apartment."Undress me,my ass.Now I have 2 words for you:- Fuck off.",I said and slammed the door in his face.

"Don't forget about the video.",came his voice.

Opening the door again I said,"Stick it up your ass.F-U-C-K O-F-F.I said fuck off and get your ass and balls off my apartment."

Slamming the door shut,I went to bed.Harry continued to say things from the door but I didn't listen.Tucking myself in,I went to bed.

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