Fifty Shades of Styles

As the name suggests,you might have well guessed what this book is about.

Warning-Very high sexual content.Please read at your own risk.


2. Chapter 1

10 Days Ago

                                      Bridget Mendler,

                                      307 Ritz,

                                      Los Angeles,CA



To,Harry Styles

Club 24/7

Los Angeles,CA


            Sub:- Taking leave.

Respected Harry Styles,

                            I,Bridget Mendler am a waitress working at your club.I am writing this letter to inform you that I won't be attending work for the next 10-14 days.

                           My best friend had broken her arm and is in the hospital.As I'm with her,I'm unable to make it to work.Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope someone can fill in my place for the time I am absent.

                              I hope to resume work soon.

Thanking you.

                                       Your sincerely,

                                               Bridget Mendler.

Bridget's Point of View

Present Day.

"Hey Bridget,when's breakfast coming?",asked Gigi as she laid in her hospital bed.

"Well,it's a quarter past 8.It'll be here in 15 minutes."

I took a Vogue in my hand and began to leaf through the pages;something that I had done countless times in the past 10 days to the same magazine.

"Bridget?",she asked.


"I'm so sorry I put you through this.I should've been more careful.I feel so sorry that you have to do everything for me.",she said.

I glared from my magazine and said,"Gigi,you tell me that everyday and I tell you everyday that it's fine.You're my best friend .If I'm not going to assist you when you need help,then who will?"

She nodded.

At 8:30,the breakfast entered the room.

"I wanna try to eat by myself today.",she said.

"Okay.",I said and watched her as she tried to cut her egg with her right hand while the left was in a plaster.

As soon as the fork went in her mouth,I cheered.

"Oh,I almost forgot to tell you.You have a visitor coming today!",I said,buttering a slice of bread for myself.

"Oh oh!Who is it?Tell me!Tell me!",she said,getting restless.

"That's me!!!",came a voice from the door.

"Zayn!!!!My baby!I missed you.",said Gigi.

"Me too.",he said and gave her a hug.

"What's that you're holding in your hand?",she asked.

"This....",he said opening it "Are the tickets to our little vacation that starts tomorrow."

"But honey,I ..."

"I have spoken to Dr McCarly.He's given consent to travel.He's on his way to the room for your checkup.",said Zayn.

I was sipping a cup of coffee when the doctor entered.

"Good morning,Gigi!How's that arm today?",he said wounding his stethoscope and placing it in his coat pocket.

"Very well doctor!",she said.

"I've heard that you're going to travel.",he said.

"Oh yeah!We are going to ....Zayn,you  didn't tell me where we are going."

"Oh I didn't?Well,we are going to Hawaii!"

"Yes,doctor.We are going to Hawaii.We leave tomorrow."

"Have fun but you'll have to keep your arm in this cast at all times.When are you coming back?",he asked.

"Two weeks later.",said Zayn.

"Splendid!When you are back,I'll fix you an appointment for your checkup.",he said and checked her arm.

"All fine!I'll be back in the evening.Take care.",he said and left.

"Wait,if we leave tomorrow,I need to get discharged today.I need to pack my bag.",said Gigi.

"Don't worry babe.The flight leaves tomorrow night and your bag is already packed."

"Yaaaayyy!",she exclaimed.

"Um Zayn",I said "Are you going to be here all morning?"

"Yeah,I have a meeting in the afternoon so I'll leave then."

"So if you don't mind,could I go home for a while and shower,you know straighten a few things.I'll be back before lunch.",I said.

"Oh yeah!Sure.Should I postpone the meeting?",he asked.

"No no no.I'll be back soon.I resume work tomorrow and I have to pay my rent and get my pay too.So,you know lots of complications!",I said running my hand through my hair.

"Okay.I'll see you soon.",he said.

"Bye Bridget.Don't leave me alone.",she said and winked.

"I'll be back soon I promise.",I said as I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room.I took the elevator and came down.

Wow lucky!I found a cab in the hospital premises when I stepped out .

I climbed in."Ritz,please.",I said and he drove off.

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