The History Teacher

He pressed her to the wall, causing her to drop her books, letting them clash against the ground.

"You're so innocent and fragile..."

His voice. So sweet and so hot at the same time. Slowly, his hand traveled up her hip, caressing it.


She stammered, trying to escape his gaze, only to have him grasp her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"Frannie, why do you tease me so much?"

A small, glint in the girl's eye.

"I'm sorry sir, I-I..."

The sound of footsteps rang in the distance. He would back away from her, fixing up his suit and fading into his classroom just as the teacher rounded the corner -- leaving the girl scrambling for her books.


2. - If You Only Knew, Jonah -

        The end of break bell sounded within the Library, bringing everyone inside to scramble up from their seats, that including Frannie. She shut her book as Mrs. Braely, the school Librarian, came in through the door. The old woman held a warm smile on her face, her greyish hair up a single bun, tied with a bright blue ribbon. Obviously, a pair of glasses accompanied her features, kept around her neck with a thin chain. Frannie returned the smile, pushing her own glasses up farther onto her nose.

        "I'll get going now, Miss. I'll see you after school to collect my coat." Another warm smile, the woman giving her favourite female an affirmative. Students would already be flooding out of the doors, after scanning their ID's at the counter. Like any other day. Leaving to the back of the Library -- a small
hall-way like room fitted with two desks, a computer and colourful boxes, placed here and there, she approached the Deadpool bag hidden under one of the desks, covered by a thin shadow of darkness. Picking it up, she undid the flap, placing the book she was previously reading inside and taking her phone out instead. No, it was not an iPhone. It was merely a small, Samsung phone. Nothing fancy, but enough to keep her going through the day.

        Frannie had been given the bag on her last day of Year Six, as a goodbye present from her Best Friend, Kate-Ann. The two studied together, ate together, they did everything and anything together. They were inseparable, in a way. And yet, they had been separated on the last day of school, the day Frannie had hated since the incident. Kate-Ann had grown distant
on the last couple of weeks, usually taking her breaks by going to detentions and meeting up with their Teacher after school to talk about some essay she had to write. Obviously, she didn't question her friends actions, though it worried her. They hardly had time for each other and it-

        A loud thud would echo the hallway as the white-haired girl landed on the floor, dropping her glasses along the way. Laughter sounded behind her, tracing the outside of her thoughts. It was a deep laughter, along with two high-pitched giggles, like a whirlpool of annoyance. Already, Frannie could picture the two black-haired twins, Kayleigh and Kassandra, as well as the school's most popular boy, Jonah. What did they want from her?

        "Oh, did you trip, Bitch?" The word stung at her heart, forcing her to pick herself up, using all her might not to let the tears spill. She was too fragile to snap back, afraid of what he would do to her. It was how her heart worked, one wrong step, one wrong move, and she was down. A single word could leave her in tears. After all, she took everything to the heart.

        The halls had emptied, and the second bell would be going soon. She had to hurry, there was no time to have Jonah kick her around. Using her pale hand to search around for her glasses, another kick would send her sliding across the floor, reaching her glasses. More laughter.

        "Come on, Frannie, how hard is it to get up? You too weak?" No words were spoken from the victim, as she finally picked up her thin-rimmed glasses. Placing them on her nose, a grasp of the wall as she forced herself up. Walking away, she heaved the glass door open, the laughter echoing within her mind. How had she been so stupid, letting herself zone out whilst she was vulnerable to such easy attacks? Jonah was a boy with dark chestnut hair, traced with blonde tips. Frannie honestly thought black would fit the boy much more, brushing against his own soul. Walking past Block B, Frannie finally took a ninety degree left and founder herself in Block C - where Humanities and Science were sat, along with a corridor leading to Block B, where the IT rooms were placed. She had her IT classes there, like any other student. Her eyes catching her classroom, she bit her lip, and kindly knocked on the door.

Mr. Brooke, her History teacher, opened up the door, his grey eyes scanning over the girl. A small smile slithered onto his lips, before locking eyes with her.

        "You're lucky the bell hasn't gone yet, Fran. Come on." He stepped out of the way, allowing Frannie to make her way in. She could feel his gaze lingering on her as she walked to her seat. The door was shut, with the chatter from the class once more silenced by the bell. Mr Brooke walked over to the front of the class, smiling.

        "Get your pens and pencils out, ladies and gents, since we've got a lovely essay for
last lesson!" Grumbles sounded through the class. Frannie wasn't surprised, even though she liked writing essays, he had to make it last lesson, didn't he?

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