The History Teacher

He pressed her to the wall, causing her to drop her books, letting them clash against the ground.

"You're so innocent and fragile..."

His voice. So sweet and so hot at the same time. Slowly, his hand traveled up her hip, caressing it.


She stammered, trying to escape his gaze, only to have him grasp her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"Frannie, why do you tease me so much?"

A small, glint in the girl's eye.

"I'm sorry sir, I-I..."

The sound of footsteps rang in the distance. He would back away from her, fixing up his suit and fading into his classroom just as the teacher rounded the corner -- leaving the girl scrambling for her books.


1. - A Very Normal Break -


Frannie's least favourite day.

        Most people would say it was their favourite, as of the fact school was ending and they had two days off. Frannie was different. It was the day she had to say goodbye to school, goodbye to her mother, and spend the weekend with her father and his girlfriend. Which she did not enjoy. But what could be said, the white-haired girl had no say in the matter. Her father wanted some type of communication with her, and he didn't own a
phone, or a laptop. He didn't own anything electrical. Sometimes, she just wanted to kick some sense into him. It was the 21st Century, he had to have at least something electrical! And yet, there was not a thing.

        He had divorced with her mother after cheating on her with his girlfriend, and moved out into the Countryside, into a little Cabin in the woods. Ring a bell? Yeah, horror movies.

        Frannie sighed, sitting at the library desk, her eyes focused on the book before her. She had taken up the job since Year Seven, and had loved every second of it. Books here, books there, books everywhere. It was the perfect place to hide and enjoy life, revise and simply dream on about the life she would never get. No, she didn't dream about being like any other 'popular' kid in school. She dreamed of being a powerful assassin, able to defeat any man in her way. Sadly, her dream wasn't going to become reality. Too violent for the government to take.

        The library consisted of three, very simple, areas. Computers, Relaxed Reading and Reading Area. Quite simple, eh? There was quiet obviously a printer, as well as an entrance to the old Tech's room. But that was a restricted area, where Frannie had never been. Rumours were spread that apparently Jonah, the most popular guy in school, used it as a 'relaxation room'. Who knew what that meant, but Frannie would rather not check. As the small, rusted bell sounded, Frannie looked up from her book, pushing her glasses up onto her nose. A young boy, probably a newbie, awkwardly made his way over to the counter, his blonde hair swooping across his face.

        "Uhm, I'm kind of lost." The blonde spoke, biting his lip. He reminded her of someone... Oh, that's right! Her. On her first day of school. It was the first thing she had ever said to a teacher, specifically Mrs. Braely, the school Librarian. It was the way she became almost her favourite student, coming over to the library every morning and break to help her out, before she asked Frannie if she wanted to become an official Librarian. Obviously, the white-haired girl agreed and has kept the job ever since.

        "Where are you heading to?" She finally spoke, looking onto the clock the check the time. It had been seventeen minutes and thirty four seconds since break started. Another thirteen minutes and six seconds. Not that Frannie was complaining, anyway.

        "Well, I'm trying to find the Headteacher's office... and I was told it was up here. I'm supposed to be meeting her in-" His eyes trailed over to the clock and then he froze. "Three minutes." His voice came out no lower than a whisper, his skin fading into white. She could already guess who the boy asked, and why they kicked him up to the Library. It had to be no other than Jonah and his 'gang'. Frannie and them did not have a good past. She would rather not talk about it.

        "The Office is actually near the Reception. You know where that is?" The boy nodded eagerly. "If you turn ninety degrees right as soon as you enter the Reception, take three thirty centimeter steps, you'll come to a really thin corridor. Third door down, and turn ninety degrees left once more. You'll be at the Headteacher's office." He seemed dumbfounded by near her exact instructions, his eyes wide. Had she freaked him out? Honestly, she hoped not. Freaking out newbies on the first day was a no-no.

        "T-thanks, uhm ..." The blonde trailed off, not knowing the white-haired girl's name.

        "Frannie." She quickly cut in, looking back down at the book. 

        " Thanks Frannie. I'll mention you to the Headteacher, tell her how much help you were."

        "No problem, I'm up here every morning and break." The boy turned on his heel and left, the bell once more going off.

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